Do other Daws have this

Just discovered amazing audio to midi in one click on Samplitude Pro X 3. anyone else use a DAW with that facility. I’m sure others have it.

Logic Pro X does it, but didn’t try it often. Don’t think that it can do any polyphonic work.

Studio one (with built-in melodyne) does with convert to midi.

Sonar producer has something like that. I have not made use of it yet though so i can’t speak on how well it works.

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Sonar comes with Melodyne which does just that, I’ve only used it for simple bass lines, but it works well enough.

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Ableton does. Never tried in Pro Tools. I imagine DP would too because it has always been pretty focused on MIDI.

Yeah. Got Melodyne with Pro X and this does it through Melodyne…

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I see samplitude uses melodyne integration (ARA) . In Studio One (with same integration) you can also just drag the audio track into an “instrument track” and it automatically converts to midi. Check into that for Samplitude, should work the same

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@cptfiasco I think it does. Will check tomorrow. Samp only uses ARA with the VST3

Actually, just becasue I know, lol,
ARA was developed by Presonus w/ Celemony for the integration we have seen now in a few other DAW’s,

Studio One also has one click "Transform Midi to Audio"
Also check the box for "Preserve: Revert back to Midi "
So you cna go back to midi if you need to…

Also, multi midi Instrument, can " Explode to Pitches"
Which takes say a drum kit, and puts each part of the kit in it’s own track…

Studio One is pretty cool, lol,