Desperately need help

Hi everyone, I’m new to recording and I need some help a.s.a.p. I have a Roland VS 2400 and I have just recorded a single guitar track (track 4) .can someone please tell me how to get it on to the cd. As I’m a beginner please make any step by step instructions as easy as pos, the recording is for my friends wedding on. Monday 17th Dec. So I’m really desperate for help.

The VS 2400 manual available at Roland has step by step instructions on how to burn your track to a CD.

At the bottom of page 342 is a section called “Burning an Audio CD” that has step by step instructions.
You should also read the section “Mastering and CD-R/RW Operations” on page 331 to prepare your track for burning to a CD.

I do not own this unit, maybe someone here can chime in with a simplified process.


Thanks for the quick response,I’ll take your advice.