Depression Aid - Draft 1

Depression Aid - Draft 1


Hello all!

Here’s the first draft for the song “Depression Aid”. I published a demo of it some time ago and now started to work on it for it’s release. Here it is!

Any feedback is welcome!



Listening on earbuds at work. Just typing as I listen. Good stuff! I cant really say much about the mix since I’m listening on little earbuds, but what I’m hearing sounds good. I’d love to hear the lead vocal come up a hair. The other instruments sound good, it just feels like the vocal isn’t the lead. It’s sitting back just a tad.
I really like the vibe of this tune. Great job!


Interesting! Love the acoustic on the left and the interaction with the bass and kick. There’s my first comment though. It sounds like the kick has a lot of higher frequencies in it. Maybe useful in metal, but in this style I would prefer a kick with more low and a less high. For the rest the balance is great. I’m not worried about the vocal not coming out in front. Somehow it fits the song.
Good mix!


Hi Lukas, a pretty emotional and compelling piece!..

I’d agree with Bryan that the lead vocal feels very recessed in the mix compared to the instruments.

One other thing I noticed was that the acoustic at the beginning seems a little disconnected from the rest of the mix. Perhaps try adding some ambience to it and maybe pan the ambience to the opposite side of the stereo spectrum. That’s always a very effective tactic for “gluing” wide spread elements into a more cohesive sound.


Agree 100% with the kick sound. I’ll make some tweaks.




Thanks! I’ll lift up the vocals a bit and apply the ambiance tip.

Thank you very much for your help!



I love it. I love the intensity and the dynamic of the song itself. It sways my emotions. like during verses I get a bit of tension then it releases when the chorus goes in. It gives me a vibe of a soundtrack set in the old west. I’d also agree with the others to raise the vocals a bit. The vocals are great and it won’t hurt to make them the main attraction of the song. Especially during verses.


Thank you for the feedback! and very glad that you liked it. Motivates me to continue!

I already have a new version with louder vocals, I’ll post it soon.



tag me after you’ve posted. I would love to hear the remixed version :slight_smile:


Like to hear that vocal come in sooner. Love the vibe


Draft 2!