Sorry for the wasted post. The song sucked


I thought it was great! I really loved how those harmonies were going. I hope you’ll resubmit it some time!

I know when it is out there for a few days and friends don’t chirp, it is because they are just being kind. I was on the fence with it anyway. thanks for your comment boss

I’m guessing not many actually heard it. It’s been slow here the last couple weeks. :wink:
And secondly, there are a fair amount of tracks that I’ve personally listened to on here (and loved) that I didn’t comment on… not because I was being polite, but just because I had other things going on at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Mr. F, I took a quick listen and then got busy but I thought it sounded good, had a Beatle’s line in it didn’t it?

I think you’ll just have to be patient with us here, a lot of posts don’t seem to be getting much attention.

How’s your health these days?

I’m a type A personality. Also I don’t like when I haven’t done something well. haha I should be glad I can still make songs. Married 49 years today. Hard to even count that far

Hi Ingo Yes the Beatles “If I fell” Always loved those step down chords.
My health is good. I can outwork most 20 year olds. Just stood up from a sitting position on the floor without using my hands. They say you get at least 6 years if you can do that. Be careful if you try unless you are in good shape:) Take care bud