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Deleted track
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I yanked this because it was just in poor taste.


In my opinion, I think it’s pretty hypocritical to say that people died for our right to free speech and then they tell us we can’t exercise it for fear of disrespecting the troops. Disrespecting the troops in my eyes is harassing these people who are statistically being oppressed and taking away their free speech because they think it’s bad for the people who fought for that free speech. I’ll still stand during the National Anthem, but if someone doesn’t want to, we live in the “land of the free” and they have every right to sit down during it. My Grandpa was in the Navy, and he felt the same way when he was alive. It’s just typical nationalist oppression. The same people who support the Pledge of Allegiance, a clear example of commuinist ideals that pisses all over secularism by forcing innocent school kids to acknowledge a Christian God, and makes them pledge mindless devotion to the state. Think about it, these kids don’t even know most of the words in the Pledge, yet they are required daily to submit to the Government. The government isn’t what this country is about. They obviously don’t care about free speech, look at the Alien & Sedition acts saying you’re not allowed to say bad things about the almighty government in times of war which in my mind is pissing on the graves of those who died for freedom. No one is disrespecting the troops, they’re merely pointing out that the country has turned into a fascist corporate police state. I think the “you are disrespectin the troops” argument is a simple propaganda tactic to invalidate the message of these minorities killed by law enforcement daily. Nothing against you Paul, I’m speaking generally. I do not think you’re a hypocrite, only the politicians and racists or anyone with an outside agenda who tries to push this narrative. I understand your frustration, only I think it’s misplaced because they’re not trying to do disrepect anyone except for their oppressors.

Anyway, the track. I like the melody, has a very American Revolution feel which definitely supports the message you are trying to get across. If I had to make a suggestion I’d tone down the double vocal because it comes in a little hot and overpowers the lead. I’ve always thought you were a great engineer, I usually don’t find much wrong with your recordings. Rock steady brother. You believe what you want to believe, because that’s what this country is about. That is what those troops were fighting for, assuming they actually signed up for it and weren’t forced by the authoritarian state in the draft.


Hi CPF I won’t comment on the why I did this. It’s just an expression. Glad we can do that:) The truth of the matter is I am always looking for an idea for a song. I don’t join my friends daily for morning coffee. Why? they are my age and boring. I drive 5 miles to a BP station and talk to strangers. I find them much more interesting and I sometimes get ideas for the next song. It would be nice to have someone tell me to write a rock song about…better yet, include lyrics.
Yes this NFL thing will pass and I can use this song base for another more interesting topic. I had a hard time singing way down to that low “C” anyway, ha ha
Writing songs for me is just something fun to do, like golf, or fishing to someone else… When I do hang it up and none of those songs go anywhere, I can still say I enjoyed the process. I kinda did this to show friends that I am not going back in my song archives and keep posting. This topic just came up. ha ha
Thanks for taking the time to comment.




I love you young man.


O… I was just settling down with a cuppa to have a listen, had a busy weekend (it’s Monday here already!) and the track is no more… alas…
is there a secret back-story that I’ve missed?


Hi Emma No I just put out a garbage song and deleted it cuz it was junk. Not even worth talking about. Felt good to finish one tho:) Beautiful day here 70 degrees. Fall colors are beautiful. We are taking a tour this week to a local ski hill to ride the chair lift and observe the beauty. It overlooks Lake superior and should be fun. Went and saw The Little River Band Friday night and bout lost my voice from singing along. ha ha good to hear from you…hi to hubby



Hmmm… not sure I believe you about ‘junk’ but never mind… you are a prolific songwriter these days which is so cool and inspiring! We are in full Spring mode here but it’s very wet still… spent yesterday in the garden, helluva lot to be done there. I’ve been working in my studio too, trying to finish off what seemed like a really simple song but sometimes they seem to be trickier than the full-mix ones… wish I wasn’t so ‘detail-conscious’ at times… it can take me forever to try this and that and then often abandon the bleep thing… Lovely to hear from you.


Come on Feak. It was an okay song. Don’t let me ruin it for ya.


Haha You didn’t ruin anything. I just wanted to prove that you weren’t the only one that is a “little out there” :slight_smile: I was just in need of a directional change and maybe a little attention. I like the competition tho. You noticed nobody else chriped…too hot of a topic…




“The Controversy Song”? (just guessing on the title)


I think it was about digging up victims of the crusades and snorting their ashes, that’s just what I took away from it.