Deconstructed #6

Here’s a new video of my series, hope you’ll like it!


Glen Ballard was producer on that too, I believe. Great song to deconstruct. The official video for the song is really fun too.

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You’re right, he was, forgot to mention it. While many people argue that the situations described are not ironic per se, I think it’s a fun song, and the video is cool too! :slight_smile:

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Sometimes we think of irony as being this cruel clown laughing in our face, but I think she makes it fun to look at it with a sense of humor. That we can empower ourselves to embrace the quirkiness of life, and even open ourselves up to hidden gifts that come “after the storm” if we don’t become bitter. I believe she even makes a somewhat disguised reference to “synchronicity”, if we remain hopeful and open to possibilities.

Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you
Life has a funny, funny way of helping you out
Helping you out

It’s kind of the jester or “sacred clown” approach to irony, that many people may not be used to. In other words, sometimes it’s exactly what you don’t expect and don’t think you want that can break you out of your comfort zone and see a new paradigm. We sometimes see things as being “all about us”, and it’s a reminder that there’s a bigger picture. :wink:

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Great episode! Super enjoyable, and fortunately the stems had the right content so that you could really hear the points you were drawing attention to. I also really like your use of the text comments every so often… :wink:

Keep up the great work!

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Yes, the text comments are there to point out and explain what I couldn’t say. Since I want these videos to stay around the 10 min mark, there’s only so much I can fill in… and yet there are things I cannot help pointing out too :wink:
Glad you enjoyed it!

That was a good one. Loved hearing this one broken down. I remember when that album came out, it was one of those that just really stood out. He singing was always a bit shrill to me, but nonetheless, I love that album. Maybe the producer was making up for her “ironic” and dissonant vocal performance with absolutely killer bass and guitar sounds?

+1 on the supplementary comments. That’s a great way to pack in even more info into a nice succinct video. I always like your breakdown of the chords too.

PS. I also liked hearing you say “Huey” in your last video! (Not making fun of you, you just have a great accent. I feel like I’m getting smarter just listening to you.) :grin:

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:laughing: One things is for sure, I wished this guy had a more easily pronounceable name!