Deconstructed #3

Deconstructed #3


Here’s a new one for ya! :wink:


I saw that you posted a new Deconstructed video and that it was on a The Cure song! …Then I saw that it was Friday I’m In Love. Now, The Cure is one of my favorite bands of all time, but literally any other song would have been better. :grin:

Nonetheless, it’s very interesting to hear the stems. What struck me most was how the wall of guitars fit together. Each had it’s own tone and character, but to me, was surprisingly thin. Then put them together they make up a huge and solid sonic wall of sound. Good stuff.

The vocal track was fun too. Love him or hate him, Robert Smith can “emote” with the best of them - from silly and goofy to pretty downright depressing. He was obviously having fun during this recording.


If “whine” is a subset of “emote”, yeah he wins that one. :zipper_mouth_face: This song is actually not one I ever heard and isn’t as ‘bad’ as ones I have heard that turned me off to The Cure and RS. It’s just my personal taste I know, but I could never warm up to that band. The vocal stem on this was interesting. I was amazed that I could even follow this, I was expecting the worst but wanted to give the Deconstruct video a chance because I’m enjoying them.


TBH I was never a big fan of The Cure, I only liked a couple of songs, and this one is fine to me, I recognize that they had a quirky quality appeal and they really had their own recognizable style, which is more than a lot of these 80s band can say…
But again I’m using the songs that I believe will be the more popular among the general public…


Haha! I TOTALLY get that! I was there until I heard this one at a club back in the day. Let’s just say it was otherworldly at the time. :wink:

Here’s another one off the Wish album that is a personal favorite:

Don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely a good share of “stinkers”, but for me, when he hits it, he really hits it both lyrically and musically. IMHO. :slightly_smiling_face:

Now back to our regularly scheduled Deconstruction thread. Sorry to side-track another one of your threads Patrick! :pleading_face: