Deconstructed #14

Deconstructed #14


Check out this week’s new “Deconstructed” video on the tube! :+1:


More good stuff Patrick! One nitpick: I had a hard time understanding your narration at two sections of the video: first when discussing the guitars and treatment, and second with the vox. The music is really drowning you out (and I have my hearing aids in!), so you might want to take a peek at the levels in there and adjust a bit. I still haven’t caught all the details on the guitar sound you were referring to (but the pictures of the amp and mics helped me get a general idea).

This is one of those songs about which I’ll never forget the first time I heard it. I was moving from northern California to Oregon to begin grad school after getting my undergrad degree, and it came on the radio while I was on the road. Blew. My. Mind. And the album of course is one of the all time greats, brilliant in every respect. Those years were shortly after the time I had managed to get my father to abandon the muzak he had always listened to, and get into real music. We spent many happy times listening to Brothers In Arms together, so anything I hear from it brings him to my mind. :slight_smile:

(That’s us in 1991, hours before I left the US to begin my first postdoc, in the UK)


Cool story and pic, Dave! Thanks for the comment, I’ll try to keep that in mind for future videos! :+1:


I agree with what Dave said about the volume level in the section where you had the guitars playing. I was really struggling to hear what you were saying in that part of the video. Otherwise, this is a really well done video. Thumbs up!


Got it Wicked! Thanks for checking it up! :slight_smile: