Deck The Halls (Rock version)

I recorded this a few years ago. I’ve been meaning to post some original tunes for bashing, but I might post a few Christmas covers up first.

I want to add some lead guitar licks to this and my other X-mas cover songs. Probably won’t get around to doing that for a long time because I’m focused on fine tuning my original songs, which will likely take a lot of time.

Any comments on mix, performance, arrangements, and everything else are welcomed.


Great version Wicked! I am such a sucker for fa-la-la-las and these have a wonderful almost manic edge to them. Hmm yes… that sense grows as the song progresses which I really like. Cool backing vox and edgy ending, this could tuck nicely into my xmas playlist!

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very nice :smiley: by any chance would you share the multitracks? this song looks like a LOT of fun to mix for practice. Love the sounds and the arrangement.


Ha ha Great stuff. There is something to be said about a power chord that is snuffed out quickly. So much room for the vocal. You hear it in “you shook me all night long”. It works.
Reminds me of old 60’s stuff like you really got me. I will definitely be singing this in the shower with all that natural reverb. Good job

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Glad you enjoyed it, Emma !

I’m on the fence about sending the multi-tracks (you’re going to see some vocal clipping :grimacing:)…but I am kind of interested in hearing what your mix would sound like ! The mix I did needs to be more multidimensional. I recorded and mixed this song and a bunch of other Christmas songs on my standalone, Roland VS-2480. Some day I’ll get to remixing and adding a few lead guitar embellishments. I’m really tempted to send you the multi-tracks! Let me think about, ok ?

Thanks for your comments, Michelle !

Thanks Paul !

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Killer vocals man. I too would love to get my hands on the stems if you are down :wink:

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Great concept @Wicked, I’m really not much on Xmas music but this is cool. I think you could do a lot more with this, maybe a Queen style layering of vocals and leads to give it a choral effect, open up some space? Nice work though, thanks for posting!

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Thanks @JonniKELANA !

I’ve been leaning towards sending Michelle the tracks. Now, you’re on the list too.

Thanks for the comments @ingolee !

I had meant to add more layers, (guitar embellishments, etc.) to all these Christmas songs but I decided to hold the extra frills til a later date because the project was taking so long to complete.

I still have one Christmas song that doesn’t have the vocal done but the other 10 are complete , except for the guitar embellishments that I wanted to add and some other little frills.

I get a bit carried away with harmonies and layering vocals. At the time I was recording this, I probably thought I should cool it with the harmonies because I wouldn’t want to stop. Singing and creating harmonies is one of the most enjoyable aspects of recording/ creating for me. I like your idea about creating a Queen style layering of vocals. Vocal harmonies are really interesting, in the way they can effect/ change the lead vocal and the feel of the song.

If you listen to my version of Joy To The World, you might be able to hear an interesting harmony somewhere in the middle/ latter half of the song. I love doing stuff like that.

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Great stuff

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Thanks @takka360 !

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Yep, some good stuff here!
It has some punk song and mix feeling back from the '70/'80 and in that mind, the mix is very spot on (maybe louder guitars are required).
From current standards I wish something way different and I think @FluteCafe would do that.
I also see a theatrical soprano singer on “la-la-la” parts to add some emphaze and interest (dunno why I listened to this, maybe some UK xmas shows are culprits)

Very nice work to me, congrats for bringing this!

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Thanks for your comments @ncls !

I totally see your point about making the guitars louder and another layer of vocals on the high end. When I eventually remix this song I will probably alter the guitar volume and tones. Adding a high falsetto to the fa la la la la’s might add a bigger, more exciting feel to that part. I need to do something to make those drums sound better too…, but I’m not sure what that’ll be yet.

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