Just to avoid thread hijacking, I’m moving the discussion here.

Here’s what I’ve learned from analyzing de-essers. A “TH” sound is basically a “SS” sound with a bit of a low pass filter. This is why De-essers tend to give a lisp, because they are usually a high frequency compressor, which turns down the SS by filtering out high freqs, but the natural consequence is that it turns into a “TH”

If you turn down the SS, you have to also turn down the low frequencies. Which means you need a solid detector that can know with high level of certainty that the sound it is hearing is an SS sound. This is actually not that hard, as I use Big Beautiful Door to do this. But I think the detector could be a lot more robust with a bit more thought put into it.


While you are at it, include dry mouth clicks. I would buy right off.

feel free to use these vocals as your guinea pig . It has a combination of everything, bad mic technique, no pop shield and good old fashioned sibilance! :crazy_face:
Its a 24b 48k Wav dry vocals from my track.


(…from the other thread)

I’ve had the first idea for quite a while now, but I’ve never had the time or need to pursue it further. I even thought of a (somewhat obvious) catchy name: The “Re-Esser”

It actually occurred to me when I was listening to the tracks for a mix comp a few years ago which involved David Crosby. I don’t think the raw tracks were over-de-essed, rather it was simply a denture issue (?) causing all his “s” sounds to lisp noticeably. In fact I’ve noticed this with quite a few singers who are getting on in age…

Anyhow… sounds like something Boz might have some solutions for!..

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Oh man, if he comes up with a plug that can dial the age back, I’m totally in!!

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Calm down Dave, it would never work on you, you’re far too old…

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Yes, could it go as far as having an algo, where it checks on the characteristics of the sound to differentiate between s, th, t, etc.?

Ooohh enterprising!

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De-parsing Tongue (tip of the hat to parseltongue)

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If anyone can do it, it’s Boz!

Make sure he doesn’t do the de-age clone and replace your current model, like the tv series Living With Myself.

Boz. I really like the video explanation that you have using Big Beautiful Door. I don’t yet have that plugin, but the video has be considering it for a future purchase. However if you are working on a new plugin just for the vocal aspects (Maybe just a few presets for different types of silibance issues) I’m ready to throw down money for a pre-release purchase right now.

Cool trick. Is it just me, or could the video narration have used a De-esser too? :wink:

It could have used a de-lisper. I don’t have a plugin for that.

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That is a really cool (but counter intuitive) trick Boz! Neat!

And just in time to point out that it is currently on sale.