DAW controller / control surface / "affordable", use with Reaper

DAW controller / control surface / "affordable", use with Reaper


Are there any buttons or functions that you can’t use with the FaderPort in Reaper? I figure if most of it works, it’s easier to ask what doesn’t work. :slightly_smiling_face:

Great video, thanks for that! It looks like he is using some FaderPort software to code shortcuts etc, so when you say “usual way” are you just doing it directly in Reaper?

Something I forgot was I had meant to check out using a MIDI controller, using the CC knobs to do some of this stuff like automation. I already have one of those, which wouldn’t do as much as the FaderPort but might meet some basic needs. I have seen videos where assigning that stuff is pretty easy in Reaper with mouse click and “Learn”, I just have only tried it once or twice and not gone very far with it.


Mostly the shift button functions didnt work for me, also the fader sent data ok but response/feedback only kinda worked in HUI mode and the pan, why does the pan never work? - but I barely looked that hard to fix any of it.

Somebody will solve that soon enough, probably CSI will integrate ANY controller with Reaper within a few months anyway.

I set mine to MCU (Mackie Control Universal - there are a few choices other than studio 1) and assigned all the transport buttons pretty quickly… Its a nice touchy feely kinda unit and lights up impressively, wish i had got the 8 channel to put reverbs and delays on faders tbh.

The ‘learn’ button works if you ‘touch an fx parameter’ first. Then its just 'touch, click (the cc button) and click ok. This is a pretty quick once you get used to it.

Actually, Kenny made a video about it:

If you get the old version, lookup the faderport XT plugin for Reaper, I havent got round to trying it yet on this version.


Lots of great info, thanks!


Barely scratched the surface… (ho, ho, ho)

We should all spend a few weeks watching Kenny’s videos on Reaper.

A quite incredible body of work.

Wanna edit a music video with titles /subtitles inside Reaper? Its all here.



Wow! I see he has a “cart”, but it looks like a bunch of free content. Awesome!

Yeah, I have his Groove3 video set on Reaper 4, I think that’s where I saw and tried the Learn function. This new content looks better though. Same Christopher Walken voice print too. :joy: