Hello all been a while.

I’m looking for some extra ears on this mix. If you have some time to leave a comment it would be much appreciated

Thanks again Jerze!

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Nice song, good recording, good mix. Can’t really find anything that could be better. Mind you, I’m listening on my laptop speakers, so I haven’t been able to do any really discerning listening. But then, so much music is ‘consumed’ these days on laptop speakers or worse (I hate the sound of smartphones!), that it is important your mix sounds good on them :wink:

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Wow this sounds great!
Really tasteful effects, especially the vocals. Snare has a really nice snap to it. Vox are well controlled and stand out nicely, but are still sitting within the mix. Nice wide stereo image.
Around 3:50, I think the falsetto vox are maybe a hair too prominent (for my tastes). Also when they come back around 4:38. My preference would be to have them tucked in under the lead a little bit.
Ultra minor stuff, that should be taken with a grain o’ salt anyways. Really enjoyable listen.

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Wow! I hadn’t listened to any of these yet because I’m working on it myself. Then I was thinking I might post my mix last night and start giving feedback on others. I gave a quick listen to this one to see if I was in the ballpark…

First off, whatever anyone says, don’t change your guitars or lead vocal! Right from the start, the guitar tones and FX you’ve got sound just perfect - very “pro” for lack of a better description. Beautiful separation and stereo field - everything is working for me.

The only things that I am hearing: as was said above, I agree with the comment about the BG vocals. They could be blended in better. Also, I’m not sure I’m crazy about the snare sound. It’s sounding a little “papery” to me and maybe not quite the “right” reverb. Take that with a grain of salt though because I may be way off here as this is NOT my usual genre! Nice job on this!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some work to do!

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Hey Aef thanks for the listen and time. I hadn’t checked it on small speakers so I’m glad it sounds ok on them.

Thanks again for the time!

Thanks for the listen blairhall, the vocals, I spent way too much time having to automating them before processing, but maybe it paid off. I will go back and adjust those Bg vocals that you mentioned.
Thanks again! Jerze

Hey Mike, Thanks for the time and kind words. I will say this song takes some time to digest and figure out what instrument should come out where long with dealing with the vocals. I’m not so sure of the busyness he chose for all the parts, but I tried to make it work. I’m still not sure about the snare ether, but I hesitate to change it too much without a clear vision maybe adjust the verb a little like you mentioned though might help.
Thanks again and I’ll be looking for your mix! Jerze

Final mix thanks to those that posted thoughts!


Sounds excellent, Jerze! :+1::ok_hand::+1:

I totally agree @Jerze - we’ve got a contender here! Very nice! Good luck!