David Tyo Comp Part 2: The Rock Years

Ok I’ve done a first pass of this. Other than the one glaring problem, I’m actually pretty happy so far.

What’s that problem you ask? Yes, it’s the chorus vocals. I’m going to try some different treatments, but I feel like with what I’ve done so far, it swallows everything else in the chorus. If I turn it down, you can’t really make out what he’s singing. He’s got such an interesting voice… very good when he’s not pushing it, but when he leans into it, it goes haywire.

I’m interested to hear people’s take on it as it stands, and techniques to tame passages like this. Currently, here’s what I’m doing to it:

  • ProQ3 to high-pass and try to address some of the piercing resonances
  • ProMB in a vain effort to again tame things
  • Purple MC77 (1176 clone) to squash the crap out of it
  • Lindell 80 series for some console mojo and EQ
  • Soothe to again try and tame stuff

I think my next step is to go in and surgically edit the track, so the scream-y phrases get brought down in line with the others, then I’ll probably scrap my chain and start over… maybe try more dynamic EQ.

As for the non-chorus vocals, as we know from David’s previous track, he doesn’t compress on the way in. I didn’t do surgical editing on this one, partly out of being lazy, and partly because I wanted to see if I could address it with compression and not have it sound like it’s being addressed with compression. There’s a couple of spots that sound a bit wonky, but I think overall it’s not bad.

Anyhoo, I think I’m ok with the overall balance so far, I think the piano could use some work… again some nasty midrange overtones in that one too. Snare could come down a notch in the verses too. Let me know what you think!


Hey Blair, just a quick listen, but my impression is that the vocal is a little hot on the first verse and then the chorus. It would be nice to have hat chorus tucked in a little more - loud enough so you can still understand the lyrics, but quiet enough to take off some of the edge. The 3rd chorus is downright “shocking” when it comes in. I think those high harmonies may be contributing to this as well as the overall volume. Good effort on this! You’re farther along than I am. :+1:

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what stood out right away is that the vocal is thin and hot. maybe one or the other would help it cut through but with both it is somewhat overdone. I would like that brought back and some saturation added if I was asked. Other than that it is sounding good i think. I am not sure on the electric guitar because it is hard to tell with the way the vocal is now.

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Thanks guys! I’ll let this one marinate until the weekend then come back at it fresh… I think I obsessed over the vocals a bit too much.

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