'Dark Matter' music vid

Was really aiming for a dark and dystopian visual with this one, and I think this fits the brief nicely.


Wowzers!! Is this AI generated? That’s amazing how it flows. Dang

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Yeah man, all AI, very trippy bordering on nightmarish.


It’s cool, but more importantly, I loved the song. Can you please share some links to your stuff?

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Oh, and what did you use to make this?

I like your song, very much. But the AI thing is horribly creepy and I don’t like anything about that. The AI virus is a PsyOp IMO to suck people into The Matrix. There are only 2 genders, and there’s only 1 human DNA, despite the eugenics and trans-humanism of the NWO agenda. Sure, our DNA may have been tampered with in the distant past … but it’s what we have. Psychopaths don’t get to arbitrarily change it! DO NOT COMPLY!

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The technology is amazing. Back in the early Disney days how many artists drawing how many images would it have taken to do this same animation? Crazy.

The creepy factor is too extreme for me personally, but that may not matter to others. I’m good with the dystopian theme and images though. What bothers me the most is the pace, it’s too fast and jerky; I didn’t get that feel from the music. Some of those images are of good quality and could stand on their own for a little more time I think.

I’m just getting old :slight_smile:
Ed: music is quite well done, radio ready as they say.

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Love this production, very professional.
The video is amazing, and the accompanying music is fantastic.
Your vocals is so emotive, and pairs very well with your video and the dark and dystopian vibe!!!
Very well done.
Thanks for this beauty!!!

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The song is terrific. Great ambience and nice transition to the heavier part in the middle. Very well done. (The video was impressive, but perhaps not to my taste.)

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I’d like to check this out, but this forum never lets me open YouTube videos. Do you have a link? Thanks!

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Oh man… great song… and the video now with it? Yeah it’s creepy… and fantastic. Very nicely done. Playing it LOUD!

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Hey cheers Daniel, much appreciated.
This particular project (The Calm Storms) I’m working on currently, of which this song is a part was only really borne into existence over the course of the last 3 years out of a need for me to express my feelings/frustrations in regards to the interferences taking place within our lives at the hands of a group of un-elected bureaucrats, and the unquestioning compliance and willingness to be lead by the nose by a vast majority of the population as a result.
So as a consequence there’s not a lot of material, and the subject matter will be quite off-putting to many/most.
Happy to share, but just had to add the trigger warning hehe.

I assume you’re talking in relation to the video creation process, pretty sure the guy I commissioned used ‘Stable Diffusion’ to generate the AI.
Thanks man.

You know, I’m kinda glad someone had this reaction, and probably more so from someone who has a little more insight into the direction in which humanity is being taken/steered/herded.
It’s almost a bitter irony that someone such as myself with such a distaste and distrust of these impending technologies (haven’t owned a cellphone since 2014) would go full-bore down this route.
But when it’s all said and done, it’s a dark and uncomfortable subject matter, and the video to me personally is a perfect reflection of that.
I have no qualms using their tools against them.

I believe this to be the case 100%. I think A.I and in particular text-to-speech and deepfake video technology will be used as the trojan horse to usher in the inevitable internet I.D whereby if you want to participate in the online experience you will be forced to abandon all semblance of anonymity for the privilege.
The excuse will be that the A.I bots are running rampant, and we just can’t tell who’s a human anymore, as well as the naughty ‘hackers’ who are spreading ‘harmful misinformation’ with their deepfake videos.
All under the guise of ‘keeping you safe’ of course, and definitely NOT about complete top-down control and 24 hour surveillance.


Hey thanks mate, yep I agree, the video doesn’t really take time to breath or slow down and that really just comes down to time and money at the input stage of the A.I process.
Or you could possibly rectify some of that in post in a video editor with a few cleverly placed time-adjustments, like adding in sections of slow motion coupled with zoom effects, but would be a lot of work, and not something I’ve got the time to tackle.
If i ever found myself with an abundance of free time somewhere down the line it would be something I’d look into for sure.
This was actually the second revision, and I did request he use a negative zoom on this second version which I feel would have mitigated this ‘jerky’ effect somewhat as you’d have the sensation of moving backwards through the scene as opposed to pushing into it, but unfortunately there was a breakdown in communication/language barrier issues and it never happened. It is what it is I guess.
Thanks for the feedback mate.

Thankyou so much for the feedback Rene, I wish I could take credit for the vocal performance but that was a talented vocalist by the name of Brad West, but yes he expressed a lot of emotion in the performance and that really helped convey the message of the song.
Cheers mate.

Thankyou so much Codger, much appreciated my friend.

Hey there mate, I DM’d you a link, hopefully that works, cheers.

Haha thanks skua, I really appreciate the feedback mate. Cheers.

Ah, good. Yeah, it’s part of the trans-humanist agenda IMO, and it’s important to keep pointing at the Pandora’s box in the room.

That’s an interesting point! I guess we do need people studying that stuff and understanding its mechanics and vulnerabilities. Sooner or later some sort of regulation of the technology will come about - it’s already being talked about in some circles (and sci-fi writers have played with the topic for years) - and we need people shouting from the rooftops what the downsides and pitfalls are. To paraphrase Sun Tzu: “Know your enemy as well as you know yourself.”

That’s a spot-on analysis alright! Our job will be to resist and thwart their plans … those illumi-naughty. :triumph: There are way more of us than there are of them. Be prepared to live simply and off-grid for periods of time, when SHTF. Our resolve must be strong, no matter what they throw at us, with strength in numbers!

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Got it, thanks! Very cool. Nice and creepy/dark! Fits great with the subject matter. Naturally I kept thinking about how AI arrived at the “decisions” that it did. For example, why did it “choose” certain physical features for the business men? Is every business man middle aged and white with short brown hair? How did it “choose” which words to put up on the screen?

I was also thinking about how AI is very good at morphing images to fit the lyrics for a trippy experience…but would it write a story line that doesn’t fit the literal meaning of the lyrics? That would be expecting it to take artistic liberties and assign meaning. Probably a long way off. It would probably need to generate a list of ideas we could choose from, then require some back and forth between the person and AI to hone in on what is the desired effect.

Very cool again, nice work!

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@terryhesticles So it’s almost like the old thing of how high is your resolution fps set or whatever? More tweening between keyframes costs time and money? What you have definitely works, I’m just curious about the process, thx.

I’ll put my hand up right now and admit I’m no expert when it comes to this stuff, but the limited amount of time I spent playing around, yeah you can make adjustments to how far each frame will render, which obviously all comes down to time and computing power. You do notice on this vid some frames are rendered right out to super high def, whereas others look quite unfinished, almost like a pastel drawing.
Like I say, I’m a complete noob when it comes to the creation process, so I’m probably not a lot of help.


Loved the song and the vid. The darn thing is now stuck in my head, resonating all day :sweat_smile:
So id say, mission accomplished

Psychological differences aside, I might agree…but Biology still begs to differ. There are xxy, xyy, dual xx & xy, and xxx chromosome humans. They have no gender, or both genders, they are considered abstract by biology and not new age thinking or anything like that :slight_smile:


Yes, I understand that there are anomalies, people born ‘out of the norm’, and I have no problem with them trying to adapt their lives as best as possible. My guess is that what you’re describing is a very very small percentage of humans, biologically and statistically. That’s very different IMO, than the Marxist agenda to corral small children and teenagers into gender change surgeries and counseling to ‘fix’ them, according to some ‘woke’ ideological medical professionals. They are even trying to get laws passed that this can be done without their parents’ permission. If you “follow the money”, it’s easy to see their motivations (besides ideological); the psychological counseling + physical surgeries are a huge boon to the medical industry. Especially when public tru$t in the health care system is at an all time low.

To reiterate, a competent adult who wishes to make adjustments to modify genetic birth circumstances, have at it. For minors, the parent should have a say in approaching that with their child, and hopefully wise counsel with non-ideological medical professionals.

I hope that makes sense. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey thanks Michelle, much appreciated.