Dangerous Summer, the Permanent Rain

Dangerous Summer, the Permanent Rain


Oops! Sorry! Didn’t see that you posted the original at the bottom. Just now heard it.

I think this is going to come down to if your goal is to emulate the original or if you think you can improve it. This is a little more in-line with stuff I’m familiar and comfortable with than the heavier rock stuff that’s coming from that site recently.

After listening to their example mix, I think there were some major blunders in the production starting with the guitars. This tracking job was absolutely unacceptable on a number of levels. My own stuff is far from perfect and I make as many mixing mistakes as anyone here, but if I was a label A&R guy that had just written a check to have this song cut, I’d be very cranky if that’s what I was handed. Regardless, I think this is really great practice for someone aspiring to mix because mixes like these present problems and scenarios that get thrown at you from time to time in real life.

Its really hard to know what to do here without seeing the original tracks, because I can’t tell where some of the problems are and what’s fixable and what’s not. I totally respect that Jon-Jon didn’t want to send me samples of the tracks. That’s understandable.


For me, this was the key… I thought the original was not a great mix so the challenge (for me anyways) was to try and improve on what I thought were its shortcomings. Interestingly enough, I felt the tracks for the most part were decent, but were let down by a sub-par mix.


tons of bleed and super harsh cymbals and vox IMO


Agreed… I had (am having) still some pains with the vocals


Hey man. Feel free to post yours on here as well! Would love to check it out :slight_smile:

What did you do about those guitars in the intro that sound like nails on a chalkboard?


Sure! I’ll start my own thread for it when I get home and post stuff up.
The intro guitars I just EQ’d… the tone was committed beforehand, no DI, which was too bad. That was a good example not-so-great tracking on this one.


This sounds better overall, except the vocal is over-de-essed and lisping is some spots.


Hi Lively little sucker. ha ha Did not follow this because i have been nuts busy. There is great potential here. You sing this well. I t does however sound a little cluttered especially compared to that intro. As soon as the verse starts, there seems to be too much going on. Your vocal also somehow seems a bit distant. Good luck



haha, thats not me brother, thats a pro band. Im on a site where each month we get some raw pro tracks to remix


mix 7, probably submit this one tnight

only minor changes, backed off overall vocal bus de-esser slightly, backed off a mid scoop on ins bus slightly. some other stuff i forget