Dangerous Summer - Permanent Rain - Blair's Mix

Alright! Here’s my take on this month’s NTM track. Bash away!

I’ll start:

  • Bass might be a bit heavy OR there could be a bit of a low-mid buildup. Gonna figure that out or leave it! I’m really happy with the bass tone (thank you, Darkglass!) so I may make a move on the 2-bus if at all.
  • Will probably try a version with the snare down a bit. I keep flip-flopping on how much verb to use. I’m getting a lot of nice ambience from the room mics, but maybe it could do with more sauce.
  • Leads in the chorus aren’t standing out as much as I’d like. I like the power of the rhythm guitars so I’m reluctant to mess around too much
  • May still push the power in the chorus a bit. I think there’s some lift but I’ll try a version with them hitting a bit harder

Enjoy and thanks for listening!

This sounds nice on laptop speakers. Not at the studio right now, but that’s sure clear on my 2016 macbook pro.

The guitar I mentioned sounded terrible in the other thread was the octave guitar on the verse. Not the big heavy ones on the chorus.

That vocal seems nicely polished on the laptop and from here is sound like you did a real nice job carving out space for each different element. I’ll give it a more thorough listen tomorrow when I get to work. Can you post a small sample of the raw whatever the hell was causing that shit storm of sibilance from the drums? I was curious how bad it was.

I just went back and listened to the original on Jon Jon’s thread. Yours sounds a fuck load better to me than the original does. Unless for some reason yours is just translating exceptionally well through these laptop speakers, I think you have some major major improvements on this track. That is coming through as a really wide, clear, and balanced mix.

I’ll give it another listen tomorrow and let ya know if there’s anything I’d change. When does this have to be submitted by?

Thank you!! I think it has to be submitted by Sunday nite, so I’ve got a few days to let it marinate and get some feedback before I make any final decisions.

I’ll poke through the raw drum tracks, I think the OH’s are a bit nasty, and I think the hats mic isn’t helping. When I’m back in front of my machine I’ll listen to them without any processing and see what the worst offender is.


Can you post a 10-20 second clip of the hats and overheads? Or at least PM it to me?

PM coming your way shortly…

Nice work - I really love the way the chorus hits. I also like the sound you pulled out of the snare. It has a cool, organic-sounding, woody “knock” to it which is a nice relief from the rather clinical-sounding snare in the original mix.

One little picky thing:

  • The kick has a nice low end push & high end presence & It is very clear in the sparer verse sections but it gets a little lost in the choruses. Perhaps just a little lift in the level of the kick during those louder sections would help define the groove for those sections of the song better.

Thank you! Duly noted about the kick… I’ll roll that into my final round of revs.