Hello Everyone

My name is Damo.

I followed over from RR. This site looks pretty cool with some nice features. I usually just read posts but I think I need to get a bit more involved if I want to improve.

I really like how everyone gets along on here. Very rare on the forums I have been on. Especially for a topic like music.

Ok so my background…

I grew up in Australia but live o/s now. I’m 40 years old and have been playing music since I was 16.

I had a few different bands with some friends and we played a couple of parties that’s it. The bands I was in were punk and pop rock. I used to do a bit of recording on an 8 track and one of my bands went to a studio for a weekend to record a few songs.

Then I lost my passion for music at about 26 until a few years ago I started playing with GarageBand on my ipad and that was the it for me.

My gear…
MacBook 2011 i7 8gb
LogicPro X
Blue Yeti USB microphone
24yr old Maton Acoustic
That’s it. You wouldn’t believe how tight my budget is.

My skills…
My singing is not terrible but average at best.
I can’t play lead on guitar but I think I’m not bad at rhythm.
Mixing I am terrible. That’s why I’m here.

Originally Crowded House made me want to write songs. Then I got into punk music. These days I like acoustic guitar based stuff and pop music.

That’s about it.

Thanks for all the tips I’ve gotten so far.


Welcome Damo! Always good to have some more Aussies (even Ex-pats :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) Where are you now, and which part of Oz do you hail from originally?

Grew up in Newcastle but lived in Sydney since 2001. Been in Samoa for a few years now.

How about you?

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Cool - I’m in Brisbane (where the weather is currently very sticky and Samoa-ish), but I lived in Sydney in the late 80’s early 90’s.

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Hey Damo! You know, when I saw “Damo” even before opening the thread I thought it sounded like an Aussie name!

I’d love to go back as an adult - I lived in Melbourne for three years between ages 4-7, so my time there is a hazy carefree childhood nostalgia memory. Long driving holidays in the outback and up the coast road, riding the Sydney Monorail and going to the Sea Life Centre, climbing Ayers Rock, staying in Coober Pedy…

Must go back!

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Yeah. I’ve seen there is already a few other Aussies on here so I was hoping to get a reaction from them.


Welcome aboard. Glad you found us.

@MisterLevy Welcome to the growing community! Ask if you need any help, or help us out when you can.

Hey man and welcome, see you in the forums!

Welcome Damo! Delighted to have you with us. Nice intro! You’re in the right place for sure, as you say a good group of folks who all have the same goal, to help one another improve at music making. I am living proof that even the least experienced and low-budget folks can make legit recordings. My first mixes were SO BAD when I first met this bunch in late '13… much less bad now!

I’m from the US but had a three-year postdoctoral fellowship at Macquarie Uni in Sydney from 1993-96, and loved it there. Tried like hell to extend my appointment but it wasn’t to be. I loves me some Australia.

Please consider adding a pin to our Membership Map, which you can read about here. And Andrew @ColdRoomStudio, now that you have said where you are, I hope you won’t mind if I add one for you? And as it happens, I have a beloved niece who is in Brisbane this very moment, on vacation-- headed up to Noosa today or tomorrow. How bout that.


Nice to have you here. I grew up in the pacific (Papua New Guinea) and am currently living in my passport country of Canada. It is winter here and i miss the pacific. I look forward to learning with you.

Hey Damo, good to see you’ve found us! Welcome!

Thanks everyone for the welcome

@Chordwainer Hey I tried putting a pin on Samoa but don’t know how. I’m on an iPhone so maybe that’s the reason. Feel free to put one on there for me or if you have any ideas let me know and I’ll have another go.

Thanks again to everyone.

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Done. You are pinned! Welcome again!

It always makes me happy when some one finds his way (back) to music :wink: !
Don’t let go of it this time !

As a newcommer here myself, welcome :slight_smile: !

Good to see you over here Damo! I recognize the MisterLevy handle. I just emigrated myself here, from RR.

Oh yeah, that reminds me I should be addressing you as “Dr. Draper”. :pensive:

Hi MrLevy, We are all newcomers here, the site’s only been around for just over a month (I think, I missed the first weeks too). I whish you have a lot of fun on your recording adventure. It requires some patience and a lot of time, but its worth it. Learning every day, and the people on this site really can and will help!

@ Cirrus: sounds very familiar! I lived in Melbourne as a kid ages 8-12. My most carefree years ever. I was in Perth only a couple of weeks ago for the wedding of my step-son. I still love the country.
P.S Its about time the Aussies on this site put their pins on the map! .

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Yeah, I read about it :slight_smile: But I guess a lot of people already know eachother from RR. Thanks for the welcome !

Don’t forget to click your heels when you salute…! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hey, welcome!
Nice description by the way, it would sound nice IMO.