Da yooper song......mix help if ya got a minute

Da yooper song......mix help if ya got a minute


I live in Michigan. The state is divided into the lower and upper peninsula. I live in the upper, usually noted as the UP. We are known as yoopers (UP). We are thought of as much less civilized as the those from the Detroit area. Because we are bordering Canada (only separated by Lake Superior) we have picked up much of their talk. Henceforth the “Aaaay”? ha ha A local radio station is looking for short duration yooper songs. I started this yesterday and before I would submit it, I was hoping for some mix help? This was fun.

One last thing. I tried for the first time on my AKG 414 a setting on the back that cuts everything under 160. Not sure if it was too much?

Da Yooper song

They’re ain’t no place like da Up …… I am never leavin…it is where I wanna be
You can have the city and the craziness ……I’ll take the quiet and the wilderness

We ain’t too big but we stand real proud…we raise our beers and shout out loud
We are yoopers and we’re here to stay…and yeah our favorite word is aaayy ay ay ay

Sittin by a campfire talkin to my friends…good ole summertime hope it never ends
The simple life is the only way to go……don’t complain not even bout the snow

We ain’t too big but we stand real proud…we raise our beers and shout out loud
We are yoopers and we’re here to stay…and yeah our favorite word is aaayy

Hey Toivo, remember last year when I tried to take dat corner real fast aaaay??
Well we crashed da car but I tink I’m better this year Hold my beer we’ll try dis again


Hey Paul, this is a lot of fun! My only mix comment is to lower the bass some, it’s overwhelming the rest of the sound IMO. I’d put a high-pass on it too, with a cutoff around 70 or 80 Hz. Might want to do the same on the kick drum, but I can’t tell if all the low-end boom is coming from just the bass or some from the kick too.

I’d also edit the very very end of the recording, there is a sort of “click” there that sounds like you may have picked up hitting the keyboard or something as you stopped recording a part.

Hope you get on the air with this!


Hey Dave I only have a couple acoustic tracks, a bass, a vox and EZdrummer so far. Only a couple hours into it. I tried cutting the bass freq, but when I hit high pass, nothing seemed to happen. I did take the line and bend it down. Not good at that sort of thing, but I did see a lot of amplitude from 10 to 80 very high. I took the same out of the drums too. Might be a little too much. I will mess some more, At least I know that was sticking out as a problem area. The song means very little, but I appreciate your time bud,



Cool song Mr. F I think I know some Yoopers :wink: , they must have migrated from Michigan?

I like this song and the recording sounds good to me. It really doesn’t matter but this is really close to Johnny Horton’s “Batte of New Orleans” tune, I guess you know. I think the radio will love this!


Hi guy. Yes I know about the BON ha ha We sing it around the campfire every time my fam gets together. I just thought it was one of those songs that just gets you goin. First time ever I used someone else’s work. ha ha Most youngsters would never know. I used the melody line to the note. CHEATER It’s rainin here and I had to do something??? Thanks



Awesome Paul! Just listening on headphones so I can’t comment authoritively on the bass from this POV.

Great singing!


I just replied to yours simultaneously. missed that one…old age…thanks


Ahh yay… love this Paul… you have stamped your own unique style on this for sure… a great smile track. Yep that tune aint too original but you’ve used it really well!
I’ve not got a mixing head on me today so am just enjoying your style!! - vocals sounding great!! Cool lyrics and lovely edge to it… :sunglasses:

Let us know how you get on with the radio…


Hi there Emma ha ha Just something to do. We have locals that talk just like that. The good thing about stealing a melody line is that you can build a song in a couple hours. Especially if there is no ear candy. Had the drummer from our old band today and we messed with old songs all afternoon. Was a great time. Kinda disappointed in the few responses to your last song. Are you going to do a fever thing?? I might do another just for the heck of it. Hope you are well:)



Cool little tune. It all sounds fairly well balanced from where I’m sitting. I’m not really getting anything offensive or off-putting coming from the bottom end. A bit more snap and presence from the snare would be nice.


And snap you will get:) ha ha I think EZdrummer lets you select different snares. You just gave me an excuse to go back in the studio. thanks