D or T signatures in ReaDelay?

I’m experimenting with ReaDelay (from Reaper’s free VST bundle), as a possible replacement for my old go-to delay, Steinberg Double-Delay (which was phased out a few years ago, and was never updated to work with 64-bit DAW, which I’m now using)

My question is, is there any way to create tempo-based delays with “Dotted” or “Triplet” variables? One of my favorite DoubleDelay presets used a “1/2 D” delay…

as far as I can tell, ReaDelay allows only variables (and fractions) of 1/8th-notes. So would a 1/2D be 4.1 8th-notes? Doesn’t sound quite the same

Why not just enter it manually in milliseconds. Go here:


Punch the bpm, hit convert, then you’re good to go as long as you don’t have a tempo track moving all over the place. Do you?