Cristina's Wasteland, A Different Approach

Tried to do this differently than I had been before while still being serious. Enjoy, or don’t I don’t give a shit. Used a notch filter on the guitars @974db tried to cut out some of the buzz.


Very nice.

Yes, simple sounds better…mark of a great song…nice mix.

Every time Christina says “I don’t trust in these tracks”, I keep thinking she’s referring to the individual tracks of Wasteland…I can’t stop thinking that !:flushed::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Does anyone else get that same thought/ feeling?

Nice mix CPF. Nice and clean!

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It’s about horse!

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Yes, that idea occurred to me as well lol.

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Nice work to me, great dynamic, very nice stereo field and great sensation of depth.
Top job to me!!
Il also like how you ended the song, it sounds spot on and not weird at all.


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Yo, @bozmillar. Can I get you to comment on this one? You are the man of the hour. I need to drop the piano volume when it comes back in on the outro, that’s what I noticed.

This as a really nice mix. I like how you kept the dynamics intact. Interesting phaser on the solo guitar too. My only critiques are really just preferences: the kick seemed to overpower things and drew too much attention away from the vocal. The vocal was beautifully done and nice and clear, however - and here’s personal preference again - it felt a little “crispy” and could have used some warmth. Really nice mix!