Cristina Wasteland - Serious Mix MKIII

Cristina Wasteland - Serious Mix MKIII
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Trying my hand at this a third time, really want to be sure before I submit it. I’ve noticed people have been trying to retry the ending, so I inserted an alternate ending. Thanks to YoDudeRock for orchestration.

Credited to Riley Hawke/Danny Elfman


I like a lot of what is going on. Beautiful gtr and vox…interesting lyrics, although I’d like to see them if you wanted a further critique on them.

Things that made me go hmm…

  1. The effects on the vox are better after the flange gtr part comes in, for most of the vox before that, there is something about the rev/delay setting that are coming back over the vox making it hard to understand all the lyrics; especially b/c some of the lines are sung a bit fast…consider backing off on the fx, or spreading them out of the center to let the vox come in clearer.

  2. I’d like the orchestration section to be a part of the song, but have the chorus come back in at the end to wrap it up.

  3. The first part of the orchestration is a bit soft. It hits a loud point, so maybe some automation on the volume.

  4. I like the idea of the orchestration, but I think anytime you pull a listener out of a song to think of another song, you are losing the audience. I see you did give credit to D. Elfman…consider rearranging the melody on the orchestration, or dropping it.

If you want to send me the chord progression, the number of bars/length of section, and what type of sections you want. I could try to make a wav file for you.

You can type it here or send it to me at

I don’t really do arranging, but I have Sonokinetic’s Minimal

Take or toss as you see fit.

Thanks for sharing.


This is the mixing contest song. The chord progression chart and lyrics are found somewhere in these topics.

Also, the orchestration is the Batman theme.


Ok…got it.

Thanks for the FYI.


Well, are you serious… with your Serious Mix MKIII?? :smiley:
I don’t mind the end, I’m not sure it’s really match the song but hey, its your taste!
The first part is really well mix to me, I really like the dynamic during the song and I found it really fits the purpose. Nice separation as well.

Good job anyway!