Creep, by Radiohead Cover by Clarissa

“Creep” is the debut single by the English rock band Radiohead, released on 21 September 1992.
“Creep” remains Radiohead’s most successful single. It was named one of the greatest debut singles and one of the greatest songs by Rolling Stone.

This song is dedicated to our young people today, in search for their own identity and mark in this world.

Believe that tomorrow is a brighter day.
Hope, peace and love to all of you!!!.

Feedback appreciated.


You are very special young lady…AND…what are the chances two people in the same room with perfect pitch??? I still think Rene should be singing a few background low register vocal …just as I say that Rene start singing. ha ha congrats you two

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Sounding great as always!!

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Wonderful cover !

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Hi Paul,
What timing!!!
I usually do my harmonies on my higher register, and I do that a lot with my wife, in Catholic Masses we sing together. Our commitment to our Mass Music is going to double starting December.
Clarissa and I are so humbled and inspired by your beautiful comments!!!
With love and respect,
Rene and Clarissa

Hi holster,
You are so awesome, and we love what you do for all of us here!!!
Thank you for the great feedback!

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Hi JayGee,
Thank you so much, my friend!!!
With respect,

Well, I didn’t give much feedback, haha. But thank you :slight_smile:
Hope you’re having a great week!

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Hi holster,
Your response alone is a lot of words in my book!!!
For your to take the time and feed us back, is a big deed, at least for me.
Thanks again.