Craziest, coolest, or most bizarre place you've ever played a show

Ya know those musicians that played on the promenade deck of the Titanic as it was sinking? Too bad none of them lived to tell about it. :frowning:

Emil Gilels (the famous pianist) was recorded on video playing a grand piano on the deck of an aircraft carrier…as aircraft was being launched to attack Germany in WW2.

Have any wild bizarre venues you guys wanna share? I’ll start.

I played a wedding in the middle of hurricane Matthew…that kinda sucked.

I played a concert in front of the great pyramids in Giza…it was pretty cool.

I played a gig in Hull during the 80s where some people turned up. Bizarre.


You’re not going to get more bizarre than Hull…

Our band in the early 70’s played at a guy’s funeral. His last wishes were to party down as a celebration of life. Great fun/dancing crowd and we rocked it. I have the same request in my will. ha ha



Me too, but the seventies. And in Beverley!

I’m trying to think of the most bazaar gig I had. In the meantime, the coolest was opening during a concert of several bigger bands and had several thousand in the crowd. Quite a rush.

We opened for the Kevin Borich Express at Western Michigan University. Played at a very sparsely attended Toga Party at the hockey rink. FF has probably heard of Kevin Borich. It was very weird to see a very empty hockey arena with people milling around in sheets.


Huh! Small world. KBE were an enduring Oz pub band who were at their peak in popularity here as a live act in the mid - late 70s. Radio-wise, they were kind of a one hit wonder with “Gonna See my Baby Tonight”. Kevin’s son Lucious had some success in the 90s and 2000s as one third of modern prog rockers “Cog”.

I got asked to play at a nudist colony in South Carolina. I turned it down. The only thing weirder than an arena with people milling around in sheets might be seeing them milling around without them!


The most bizarre place I have played in was The Dust Hole pub in Salisbury, UK… It was part of the annual music festival. Bands were simply raffled out to local pubs and paid from a festival budget. It was that small we had to play 2 x 2… Bass and Drums at the rear and Guitars + Vox at the front…

What makes it more amusing is that there was no room for the PA, so the barman did it all for us from the main bar!

You could have done an acoustic set there… stripped down to the bone!

I suppose all you had to bring was a bare guitar and a “G” string… and maybe a set of falsetto’s

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