Cover the Decades (competition) - The 50's

Known as the “Birth of Rock n’ Roll”, the 1950’s was a decade of music that that defined a generation, and changed the world. Countless hits and inspirations from 50’s music are still found in today’s music. And to kick off our “Cover the Decades” competition, we’re starting with a 50’s R&B classic… “Fever”

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to record a fresh new cover of the 1956 #1 R&B hit. Team up with others, or take this challenge on solo. The choice is yours!

The winner will take home some seriously cool prizes as we progress through this competition, and a grand prize winner for the Cover the Decades Series will win a whole music and recording package to be announced soon!

The rules for the competition can be found [here]

The song info for Fever can be found [here]

Good luck to each of you!!! :beerbanger:

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this sounds like fun.

Cool! I’ll try to record a cover!!