Couple of Celtic Cinematic scores

Couple of scores I am trying to square away for a cinematic game scene currently in production.

The setting:
It is the eve of Sea battle and the armies of Sea creatures (Mermaids, Sirens, Sea Serpents and other guardians of the seas) are gathering to fight against an invading fleet of ships that threaten their hidden kingdom. The kingdom is hidden deep beneath an ocean maelstrom so the soundscape has a bit of a mystery element tied to it.

Kingdom of the Seas

Call of the Siren

sort of hitting a creative block. I know need some kind of underwater effect at times, a bit of muffled sounds maybe, or ocean currents or something. Any ideas?

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I like the tracks, nice harp sounds like Andreas Vollenweider I think we discussed before, and Taiko drums it sounds like? The siren voices are pretty good, definitely sets a mood.

Maybe a reverb effect could create an underwater type sound, with a high-cut EQ? Or go back to that stream in the park where you got the water rippling/splashing sounds and put a mic underwater for a ‘base’ underwater sound file? You can put a mic inside a plastic container to submerge it. Or there may be some free or royalty-free sound files online that accomplish the same thing.

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Beautiful tracks @FluteCafe , you have a very cinematic vision here on both of these. It makes me think of aquatic scenes.

Maybe you could add some spoken word stuff, ghostly voices, chanting, singing, laughing. Or maybe some natural aquatic life sounds, whale songs?

ed: Submarines make weird noises too.

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Truly magnificent compositions, and I love 'em!!!
The :call of the Siren: I can hear from both recordings, and I like the thematic musical sense.
Your imagination is clearly transporting me in the Kingdom.
Love your work!!!


I really like the opening of the second piece. I can almost see filtered light streaming down through the water!

Leslie Speaker Emulations are awesome for this - just put anything through it - instant underwater vibe! IK Multimedia has a great emulation.

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thats right! awesome

awesome ideas guys!

Yes :slight_smile: good ear!

Maybe the emulator Andrew mentioned accomplishes this?

Thanks!! definitely helped

Thanks and glad to hear that a scenery emerged!

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For the underwater sound you could feed an echo send with a tympani hit and chorus the echo heavily to get it swirling.

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It’s quite possible. I’m curious now. The Leslie Speaker (if you didn’t know) is frequently used with a Hammond organ (i.e. Jon Lord of Deep Purple). Many other uses for it as well. It’s an amp with a swirling speaker cabinet (treble/bass) that creates chorus and tremolo sounds, with a range of tweaking abilities IIRC. You might still need some depth reverb on top of that sound to give an ‘underwater’ vibe, though the Leslie could likely emulate the ‘waviness’ and ebb/flow of water (Doppler Effect).

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Hi Michelle Glad you are back at it. Is that your voice in the bakground. Beautiful

Like call of the Siren the best I guess. Lots of reverb. I lost a little clarity about 25 sec on Kingdom and then at 54ish I got better. Keep in mind my ears are really bad.

Both very cool works of art. I felt myself really getting into the second one. congrats

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