Country song with poor lyrics....trashed it

Country song with poor lyrics....trashed it
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Just had to address this topic. ha ha Of course a full behind. tee hee


Good tune Mr. F and your singing and playing are dead on! Ok we won’t talk about the PC stuff.
But the overall sound is kind of dead; needs more bite and snarl for my taste. And a little more action from the drummer would help too; he’s a bit lazy here!


Definitely one to get the feminists all riled up :wink:
Would have been nice to get the drums a little more up front and pushing the rhythm a bit harder but a pretty decent mix all the same, and competently performed.
Not a fan of the verby snare but that’s just personal preference. Good job.


Hi Ingo dude This isn’t much of a song. I hear ya on the sounding pretty dead. I just played the guitars without anything on them. I thought it would sound more original, but I was wrong. ha ha It need a ton of work, but it gives me something go mess with. Thanks for your spot on thoughts



Oh yes, the feminists. ha ha I have an absolute gorgeous 14 year old granddaughter that has blonde hair, blue eyes, etc. I tell her she is average looking at best and that I hope some boy is going to love her for her personality and mind only. Guys unfortunately are drawn to…well you know. The song is not in the best taste and not performed very well. Write em, post em and move on. Nice hearing from you



Just a thought here Mr. F , the song “All About That Bass” is kind of like your song in that it’s all about guys liking big butts on women right? And it has stirred up some controversy, as often happens in this world, but if they had instead called it “I wanna woman with a big butt” it would have been a lot worse right? So maybe you could sweeten up your title a bit? Just a thought.


“Small serving of taters is all that gawd gave h’er”


Hi Ingo dude I have been out of the circuit. IRD disowned me. Glad Holster helped me out again. I missed this place. btw, I like controversy. ha ha The lyrics are not good. I was in a weird mood. I kinda like the riff and might completely redo it. Stay cool my friend



Ha ha Might have lost a few friends on this one. It’s ok. i can be a little crude at times



I hope you realize I was only teasing about your track eh bro :wink: I thought it was great.