Country-POP song from Elijah T

Hello Guys! Here is new Song from my Pal - Elijah T , song calls - Race my Car

It was recorded yesterday Please listen and it would be nice if you leave here some feedback!
Thanks any way!

3 things i would want to deal with first are

  1. too much separation between the vocals and the music:
  • one thing you can do is create a shared reverb that helps tie the music together.
  • some bus compression with multiple song elements. Take a look at some videos by schepp he talks a lot about this technique.
  1. vocal tuning:
  • a little can go a long way
  • by correcting some of the pitch issues it allows me to relax and listen.
  1. drums are thumping but the guitars are weak.
  • could be a volume issue
  • probably you could use some eq to push the guitars while cutting some freq on the drums.
    That is some quick thoughts from me. Thanks for sharing.
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Cool man! Great throwback to the 80’s! Love the Bryan Adams vibe there! Nice melody and great retro style lyrics writing :slight_smile:

I would ramp that synth up and make a use a deep bulky snare. Be generous with your reverb on the vocals. That era did that a lot. I guess go back and listen to some 80’s pop ballads and do what you need to in order to emulate that vibe.

I agree with @redworks that the song could use a lot of this, but don’t go overkill with it. There is a big difference between 80’s and 2000’s music in how pitch perfect it was vs it is now. So if you leave a few notes a little off, I think it’ll help preserve some of that 1980’s character!

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Please put Voice way out front, next guitars, THEN drums.
Attenuate drums about 20%.
Would put some reverb on the guitar, it sounds a bit thin, almost as if it were a bit player, even on the solo.
Some really good work on the guitar

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Everything is good about the track except the vocal. You can not have a great sound when you are singing flat. The chorus is decent but the verse needs to be adjusted. Great potential.

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Snare sounds like it’s being strangled and feels like it’s occupying a very narrow section of the frequency spectrum, with very little body or depth, just tons of smack.
The kick sounds very unnatural and clicky, and overall quite distracting.
The vocals(both main and backing) could benefit from some pitch correction.
Drum performance is very robotic and could do with a LOT more variation to add realism.
Cool pop tune, but definitely room for improvement.

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Like Terry said, I ´d be more happy with a better drums program, too repetitive and unnatural.
But I like the sound of it ( not those cymbs). Just à db less of drums, a bit more lo mid on the kick, lower the sub boost on it. And you should increase the threshold of the snare comp. A Fairchild style bus comp could maybe bring it to life a bit more. A slight pump.
About the vocals they need to be edited and gain tweaked. Back vocals are too loud, and sometime out of tune too. Guitars are fine, just more body about 400 on it could help. Not far from very good !!!

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