Could do with a sanity check for this alt rock mix

I’m doing a video for this song and am planning to release it as the 1st single for a solo album. Would be good to get a sanity check and make sure there’s nothing glaringly terrible. :grimacing: To be honest I’m pretty happy with the track overall, there’s a couple of things I want to change in the mix but I won’t point them out in case it influences anyone’s first impressions.

Horizoneer - The Future

Listening as I type.

LOVE that bass sound. Reminds me of early Faith No More!
The vast majority sounds great and there’s nothing I can really comment on that’s not just personal taste.
Probably the only thing that caught me off a little was the guitar that comes in at 0:47 seemed a bit too strong. The chorus kicks in well and settles again well, but that one guitar part seemed to strong for me, a little jarring.
It doesn’t happen in the next pre chorus though. The sections after the 2nd chorus are great, I love the different feels you’ve put in there.
Outside of that one thing, which is an easy volume automation, should you perceive it the same, I think it’s great! You’ve done a really nice job in the mix here.

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Your vocal seems a little muddy/buried. In fact, I agree with Dan, that bass is killer, and you’ve got a good groove going in the intro, but when the vocal arrives, it doesn’t “lift” the song because they’re pushed way back. It sounds pretty decent throughout when things get going, but that first section I want to be grabbed by that new element - especially the vocal. I hope that makes sense. The solo around 2:20 kind of pokes out to me, especially in comparison with the vocal.

All around cool song, arrangement and playing!

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I pretty much agree with the previous comments. The vocals are a hint muddy and pushed too far back. The guitars are a bit loud and they take up a lot of space in the mix. The large sound of the guitars makes everything else sound small by comparison. Especially the vocals.

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I would second the vocal comment. They could be a little more present. I don’t know that i would say muddy though, they don’t need more bright, just a little buried. sounding good.

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I really like the lead-in to the chorus! The vocals are awesome. I hear what folks are saying about the vocal being buried… I wonder if it’s just that the guitars are too loud though? That’s what it seems like to me. Seems to be hogging too much attention from the get-go. I think this track is great overall though. Tons of energy! Listening to it a second time, the vocal doesn’t sound as buried. It’s definitely easy to make out… just maybe sometimes seems like it’s not in the front.

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I’m listening with my headphones through my laptop.

I think everything sounds quite good. The drums seem strong and I like the spaciousness in the mix. The bass sounds good, the vocals sound good and the guitars sound good.

I can see what these guys are saying about the vocal, but I don’t really think they need to be boosted in volume much, if any. The vocals on the chorus can maybe be raised a bit and/ or you can cut back slightly on the guitars…I’d probably just slightly raise the vocal. when the guitars are blazing at full throttle. The vocals on the verse are already quite loud though.

Sounding very good. Nice work!

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Ok, it went a little over compressed into the white noise territory, during the loud bits, so I kinda pulled it back a touch, compression/ limit wise - and re-processed it to make it breathe a little more. You may have to turn the volume back up a tiny bit, I was trying to save some dynamic range… and tone … and width and ambience. Just listen to the first 50 seconds :wink: and the tone and glue in the drumtones…maybe even the balance of the edge’s (left panned) guitar part… yadda yadda yadda…

here it is.

reminds me of the THE ALARM :sunglasses:


Love that bass with processor right off. Lead guitar keeps it basic and that is all you need. Your voice is really good. I’m not picking up hardly any bass down the middle?? Didn’t read the others. This is good. Congrats

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Thanks all for listening + giving advice, and @vtr for going above and beyond :grin: What processing did you do?

I’ll take all comments on board when I make the final tweaks over the weekend. Re; the vocals & @miked comment , I might well push up the first few words of verse one, after which your ear will hopefully follow them down. The lyric in the verse is a bit defeatist, I think so I was reluctant to push the general volume of it up more.

And I might also pull back a half db or so of limiting, so the choruses can have a little more smack.

I’ll take that! :heart_eyes:

Funny, I never noticed it but now you point it out, I agree.

@ocnor, @redworks & @Cristina , I’m a little reluctant to pull the guitars back because I do think they’re quite important to the excitement of the chorus and the contrast with the verse. But, I wonder if I could solve the problem by pulling out a little low mids from them in the choruses, which would leave more room for the vocal. I’ll try that.

Cheers all, really do appreciate it!



oh jeez, no idea…

ok, i looked to see, first i tilt eq’d it to add brightness, then boosted eight different freqs by 1 dB, boosted 10kHz by 5dB, put a little tape saturation on it, comp/limited it, widened it a touch.

I dunno, I was drinking beers, listening on headphones - I just make it up as I go along. Often the best way :slight_smile:

I should’ve fixed the heavy guitar ‘white noise’, (1:30 - 1:50) that I probably made worse fixing something else… but forgot, was tired.

edit: oh, I just saw this… Imagine a man so stupid yikes :skull_and_crossbones:

…but my overall impression was that it was too loud, if you had left me some headroom, especially in the ‘big’ guitar levels, I may have been able to smooth it out better. Even though I know that wasn’t what you were asking. :wink:

ok so i put in a 1.6kHz cut on my previous version (my only change… at about 1.5dB) to cut the guitar white noise schmutz.

Its ok, would rather the guitar level was cut a touch as well though, Its important for the vocal clarity…

Love the track! Such a great build and energy throughout the song. The chorus is super-catchy too.

I’m hearing the guitars fighting the vocal. It feels like you have the vocal level where it needs to be to keep the music powerful, so it’s probably more a case of massaging the vocal with some eq and compression to bring it forward, and perhaps some complimentary eq on the guitars to duck out of the way of the vocal when it is present… maybe some frequency selective sidechaining?

The guitar that comes in at 1:56 sounds like it’s a little too corpulent around the 600-800hz mark… just sounds a little overpowering in that area to my ear.

Epic track!


Loud guitars are fine, but you really NEED to automate them around the vocal. Shit doesn’t mix itself. :wink:

Thanks again to everyone who weighed in here - just released the song & vid this morning.

Made some changes as per suggestions - brought the vocal up in places, and it turned out that it really didn’t need much to keep it clear. Pulled back a little low mids in the guitars (some tracks more than others) and also changed some of the “mastering” (I did it myself so it’s not really mastering, but you get the idea) processors - as per the T-racks thread, I switched the Precision Comp for the Dyna-Mu, which made things a bit clearer and more punchy. Pushed a bit more treble into it, and pulled back the main limiter a little.

I mean, none of that is gonna come across that well on the youtube audio stream but… :grin:


Very nicely done! Great lyrics and great production. I was thinking you were/are a one-man band?

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I am! It’s just a bit more fun when filming to have a basic band setup, I think. The guy playing the guitar on the vid didn’t actually know the song, really, beyond hearing it a few times. Biggest challenge was only choosing takes where it looked like he was playing the right part :sweat_smile:

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I thought it was funny that you never saw the guitar player’s face the entire video. Also, that your guys were plugged in to amps in the middle of nowhere - beautiful setting BTW… :smiley:

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Nice bottom end.Sounds a bit over compressed in the chorus and pumps too much and looses power

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Good to see you got it finished, a big thumbs up from me!

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