Cosmix. mix

Another old Lewitt track

One more go.I spent ages on this .Tell me what you think

Dont think im far out from this mix,bet this was mastered properly too

I literally cant listen to it that loud, please pull the level down 3-6dB… if you can bear it.

At least match it to the video you posted :slight_smile: And keep the levels there. :+1: tks…

Its not that loud its 14 -13 lufs, how is that too loud.

Took it down

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Thats still probably +18dBfs prob / +12dBU - my headphones don’t like it overly loud, it makes them brittle and slightly ugly… sorry, Im just old and grouchy about that stuff ;(

Interesting how limited this was even though its 4dB down, I thought you might have let the brakes off for this one a little…

I kinda brought it forward a little for you but it was difficult to open it back up fully. I think the original Lewitt mix was probably quite a bit more dynamic/ fatter in the drums. Hope that helps.

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oh, and everything i did to bring up the fullness of the drums just brought up the guitars’ low end and overall level too… this also upsets the left right balance between guitar and keys.

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