Cool Things You Can Do in REAPER (organizational tip)

Easy organizational tip for REAPER users.

You’ll save yourself a lot of work and avoid the possibility of accidentally deleting files that belong to another project if you save the audio for each project in its own folder.

Easiest is to tell REAPER to save all audio from your project in its own folder - let’s call it Audio - inside the project folder:

  • Go to project settings (Alt+Enter on Mac; not sure on PC) >> Media tab.
  • In the first field (“Path to save media files”) type in the word “Audio”.
  • Hit Okay.
    Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 3.24.10 PM

Click Save as default project settings (bottom-right button) and it will do it automatically every time you create a file. Never have to touch it again.

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Yeah this is a must-have!

Somewhat related: something I’m interested in is getting rid of unused audio files (like takes that I didn’t choose during comping) because my SSD is getting full and I think it’s mostly from stuff I don’t even need. I think there’s a way to do that… one thing I’m a bit worried about though is if I have multiple saved versions of a project all in the same folder, and some of the older ones might be using audio that the newest one isn’t… maybe that’s not a big deal.

Are your audio files from different projects all in one shared location, or are they separated into their own project folders?

Cristina, one thing you can do, of course, is use File >> Clean current project directory.

But another approach would be to use ‘save as’ and use the features in the save window to make a new folder and copy (or move) the source audio to an entirely new project. Only the audio you have kept in the arrangement is copied/moved. Then go and delete the original folder; or you could create new projects in the same way for all of the projects that are important to you, then move the old folder to a different hard drive for backup purposes. Just a thought.

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I keep each project in a different folder. It’s just that sometimes I have multiple versions… so for example I might decide to go in a different direction with the arrangement but want to keep the older version around in case I change my mind. So I might have a title.rpp and title-v2.rpp in the same folder. Ideally I’d like to keep any audio that either of them need…

This sounds like a good way to clean up when I have multiple versions. I could just do that for each version and then end up with the right set of files. Thanks!

Just remember to use copy, not move :grin:

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