Cool stuff from NAMM - Meeting the Augspurger dudes!

So it goes without saying that everyone takes away a different experience from a show like this. I was pretty disappointed with the absence of pro audio and recording companies at this particular show. But one group that did grace us with their booth was the Augspurger guys. The company is owned by Dave Malekpour.

(Picture from last year)

I won’t go into the specs on the speakers unless someone else is curious (and I don’t have a super great knowledge of this stuff myself). But he did take the time to clarify some questions I had about his speaker line and dispel some myths floating around on the internet.

First of all, you can get a pair of these for $12k. I thought they started in the $60 range. Second, you don’t have to have a perfect room. There is benefit to having them if you merely have an adequately treated room vs a perfect one. Third, they can be placed on a monitor stand and relocated if you vacate your building. In other words, no, you don’t have to gut and re-design your entire front control room wall to install them.

The silver ones are $12k with a built in amp. You can upgrade to this red Augspurger amp for about $500 pr speaker more.

The blue speakers are $18k. They’re the exact same price as a the silver ones with a sub. They’re available as an active or a passive model. The wood ones on the outside are $22k. He says they have the exact same horn in the $18k speakers as they do in their bigger $100k rigs.

Was really impressed with Dave and everyone else professionalism and willingness to listen to what the buyer needs. I walked to a bunch of booths where the reps were so determined to rattle off their opinion of what you should know about their product they wasted your time with a lot of information you already knew or facts that weren’t of immediate interest. They were incredibly knowledgable without being arrogant, and confident in the product without being snobs.