Cool Plugin for Electronic Music With Example

I used this to remix Personality. Absolutely love it. Definitely gonna use it in the Boz contest.

Sounds like a robot simultaneously having an orgasm and a seizure. Good work!

You should re-mix one of Warren Huarts Produce Like A Pro tracks and send it to him to critique!!! HAHA!!! I bet the rest of the academy would fall on the floor laughing. The look on his face would be priceless.

Ps. You pose a striking similarity to CPT fiasco.

I’m on it!

Also, how am I like cptfiasco?

He loved eccentrically artistic experimentalism with a touch of sarcasm and humorous absurdity. Like when he sent me a package in the mail with no return address and labeled ‘discrete erectile therapy’ all over the outside of the box. He was one-of-a-kind around here. The forum just aint the same without him.

What happened to him? I remember him commenting when I joined the forum.

I have no idea what happened to him. Your guess is as good as mine lol.

If you look at @cptfiasco’s profile, it says he was active a few days ago. Maybe he’s waiting for the right time to strike?