Cool little workflow improvement tip (better organizing plugins)

Cool little workflow improvement tip (better organizing plugins)
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I was getting killed by the sheer amount of text, when trying do dig plugins out of folders.

A couple years ago you couldn’t even do this. Now that Logic lets you create custom folders that appear at the top of the list, I started grouping the most used ones so that they could be accessed from the front panel of the control surface.

I renamed them, and simply removing the letters UAD and other unnecessary junk from the front of the title, will REALLY help me think. (Or not have to think). For crying out loud, I do not need my DAW to tell me that an LA-2A is Teletronix! And I don’t need to be reminded every time that the Shadow Hills is a mastering compressor lol.

See how much cleaner this list looks!!!


Yeah. Been doing that on Samplitude since about 2006. I finbd groups of types useful: EQs, Compressors, Limiters and son on.
Each to his own.


I laughed when I read this - same problem. I have Plugins all over the place - and I do the plugin dance everytime I have to put one on a channel. By accident I realised that you can make folders and organise them with your own choices!