Contest Questions and Comments

Feel free to post any questions or comments regarding the contest in this thread.

Also, questions to @coldroomstudio regarding the song or the band (Why Wait) may be directed here.

A link or embed of a rough mix could be helpful here IMHO. Is there one available?

There is actually a mastered mix from @coldroomstudio in the file(s) download :wink:
I’ll probably throw it up on here too.

I think you should restrict to upload mixes to the site and not to soundcloud, for 2 reasons:
1/ Soundcloud is only 192kbps
2/ You will not be able to detect if someone has updated the file, if they replace it.

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I think it would be best if it was on the post where you link to the files. For those who want to have an idea what the song is before downloading the whole thing…

Crap. that’s right. I’m on it! I was only a little concerned about storage, but I’ll chance it. The 192 vs 320 doesn’t concern me quite as much as the other point, but you’re totally right.

Yeah 192 vs 320 is the problem of the contestant, if they choose crappy encoding and their mix suffer from it, that’s their loss (and as audio engineer, they should know about these things anyway)

Indeed! I removed the sc references. Thanks!

Can mixes actually be remixes?
Can a mixer add tracks, go crazy and do a Tyrollian Bollywood version?

I dare you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Actually, for our first one, let’s keep it standard. We have some other stuff in the works that remixes would be good for. I like your thinking though!! lol

Ah! Too bad. I wanted to stretch my styles a bit…

I think you should do 1 of each. “Official” and “for fun”

I’m not a mixer,so I was just asking for others…

If I do this there will only be a 'for fun" version where I can make something else out of it, mixing is the boring part for me, I can’t imagine doing it on a song I haven’t written or played on. Not that the song is not good as it is, just that it’s not my thing…

I’ll be happy to help for judging if you need me though.

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You’re not alone. It’s sometimes very hard to sit through someone else’s crap. Not that this is crap, I’m just saying, as a mixer you really have to put your biases aside and get it done, and it can be tough. I’m very picky about who and what I’ll record/mix. Thankfully it’s not my “job”.

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You should really stop agreeing with me. :laughing:

@holster BTW, how do you propose to advertise this thing?

Because ATM there’s less than 20 members, almost half of them being moderators or judges, so will this be the shortest mixing contest in the history of the internet? :wink:

Word is going out on email. Should see quite a jump :wink:

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Well we know where the longest is, and it is still going .


I know! :laughing:

You could always advertise it @ RR - I don’t think Brandon will care. :-/

Anyhoo… here’s my original mix of the track: