Contest Mix by Cosmic

(I submitted this with muted bass by mistake, if you want to listen to the one with bass, go to 'bash this recording. Shit happens) That one was a speed mixing trial with no second guessing myself. As little processing as possible. Tuning the vocs actually took longer than the instrumental mix. The challenge was to make the stereo file drums sound reasonable. I took some more time today to check levels and adjusted some of them a tiny bit. I also added a piano line in the part with low vocs. I hope you like it. Thx.

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Nice gritty take on this song. I think the guitars panned left and right are a little too loud. I like the piano addition. Well done

How do I put this…the guitars sound horrible. Also, the low-end is all over the place throughout the mix. I feel the need to say at least one nice thing, so…I liked the piano. :wink:

I’m going to have to agree on the opinion on the guitars - they are bright and aggressive, and I think take over the whole song. The piano is a great touch, and I really love that you tuned the vocals to gain some extra and different notes - that was a nice touch. I love the reverb on the drums, but I can’t hear the bass guitar, or the low end in general.

Thx man, no wonder you can’t hear the bass, I’ve just checked the session and … the bass is muted. Well, there’s no going back now:( Shit happens. There’s a version with the bass in ‘bash this recording’ section, if you want to have a listen. Cheers.

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Hey CosmicSea,

I would prefer to comment on a complete version with the bass, so I will not vote on this one.

However I can appreciate that you managed to add entertainment factor to the production:
I liked the intro drums, the reverb effects, the piano part, the autotune FX, the chorusses.

Now the guitars are not my taste, but a little change to them could bring a great mix.

Hi Kevin, thanks for listening. I agree, the guitars are too aggressive for sure.

Hi, I think the guitars are too much crunchy.

the drums sound very nice. The backing vocals sounds good, except for the reverb tale.


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I generally like this mix (besides the missing bass). The guitars, however, are a little too aggressive for me and coupled with the low volume/lack of width of the backing vocals, the choruses don’t really punch. Also felt like those low vox may have been a bit too present, but maybe the bass guitar would help with that…

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