Congrats to Boz

Just got my Tape Op magazine today. Great for drooling over esoteric gear and great articles about people in the recording arts.
I was pleasantly surprised to read a very complimentary review of Boz’s limiter, The Wall. The review praises the ease of use and functionality of the plug, and calls it a great mastering tool.
Good work, Boz, we appreciate you.


I love the wall.

Love The Wall too - use it on every mix.

Word. :sunglasses:

Oh sweet. I’ll have to check it out.


A nice, short, to-the-point article. Good stuff!!

I wish i could read it, I just got the printed copy myself, I cant see a fucking thing… even with my specs on - the font is too small and unreadable.

Don’t they understand that the people who ACTUALLY read this can’t even SEE this small print font?