Computer specs for a beginner?

Computer specs for a beginner?


I’m on Windows 10, but reside in the UK, so I’ll probably have to liaise with our contact centre over here?


Windows is fine with both Mixcraft and Studio One then… Not following you on the contact centre thing though…


Oh… I checked out the Studio One site, and because it’s a US based site they had contact centres around the world you can ring for advice, one being based in London for the UK.

Like I said I’m new to this, and would value advice from all of you as to what equipment to use. I’ve only used recording studio’s in the past, so despite being an experienced bassist I haven’t got the slightest clue as how to embark on home recording!


Totally get you Ailwyn!

One thing I can say for Mixcraft is that the only impact to responsiveness on the part of their devs and support folks is the time zone differences. They’re really good about addressing questions and comments both in the dedicated support forum on their site and on their Facebook page. Really could not be happier with that.


I thought that’s what you meant, but I wasn’t certain…& I totally get where you’re coming from - Up until 2006, I’d only ever recorded (since the late 80s) on home studio hardware, first analogue, and later digital. For support, it was either: Read the manual, or take it to the local electronics repairer…

The world of software and user support forums was completely unknown to me until I purchased my first DAW at that time…

In any case, in the years since, I have never had to actually phone anyone for support. As Dave said, all the DAWs have support forums, where you will most likely be able to find an answer to any question that comes up, even without having to actually ask it.

As to how to embark on it, if you have a computer already, my suggestion would be to just get yourself an inexpensive interface and some headphones, select a DAW to trial, and dive right in!..

And if you need any help, just ask a question here.


Thanks mate… most of what’s been mentioned here tend to run 60 day trials, so it looks like I’m going to have some fun! Just got to get the appropriate leads and I’m on my way. I already use a dx box when playing live so my bass shouldn’t blow the life out of my laptop!


Hey Ailwyn, just chiming in here with a vote for Reaper, I’ve had it for a while and it’s pretty cool. I also believe that Steban and CJ use it as well.


+1 vote for trying out Reaper! I’ve used FL Studio, Pro Tools, and now Reaper. It’s cheap, lightweight, highly customizable and very functional.

I also wanted to point out this awesome set of video tutorials for Reaper, if you decide to give it a go. There’s a lot of functionality in the DAW that I’d have never known about if I hadn’t watched this series. It’s a great introduction. I took notes and reference them sometimes when I forget how to do something.

Playlist here:


Good advices for people who need computer for music production


Thanks for the link @Qiwi and welcome to the forum!!