Computer noise coming out of my speakers?

Computer noise coming out of my speakers?
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“The sample rate of internal operation is fixed at 44.1 kHz, which means that the VM-3100 will not sync to digital tapes or recording devices set to 48 kHz”.
Which means I can’t use the optical…
I know I can convert the audio inside Cubase but I just didn’t want to mess with the files.


OK… but just know that you should have no perceivable ill effects converting the files


Fear of ignorance. I chose to stay on the safe side just to be sure! :slight_smile:


balanced cables or some sort of junction box should eliminate the noise like the mixer did originally.
RCA leads are THE WORST for this sort of thing.
if u have to use them you need to mess for ages with cable positioning and levels to get good results but they will never be perfect.


Mine does if I charge the laptop .Take the charger cable out it stops


Sounds like some sort of grounding issue!


I thought I’d let you know about my noise issue.

I had everything plugged in the same power strip.
PC, console, speakers, synths, lights etc.

I moved the PC plug to a different socket and that eliminated the noise. At least 90% of it or so.


I tried that but still the same .I have really bad noise if my charger to my pc is plugged in at the same time


The good thing is that you know what’s causing the noise.
Have you tried another charger?


No good point and I think my one is on its way out as I have to jiggle it sometimes


It was the audio driver I found out .All good now