Color me so outa here..shackhappy cure

covid… light at the end of the tunnel fixed the drums, added a few fills and one drunk rasp vocal :slight_smile:

Color me so outa here

Rollin up my sleeve yeah up stick me good….It’s finely hear yesI knew it would A
Freedom’s just a pick away it happened today D
These walls won’t hold be back no more…I’m headin out the door A
This nightmare has been …hangin on too long…is commin to an end E A

Have myself a party drink a bunch of beer…let my friends know that the coast is clear
Finely got my life back…grab another six pack…color me so out of here D A E A

It’s gonna feel a little weird to go out now….my brain will have to mend adjust some how
so excited I could scream…. must be a dream
These walls won’t hold be back no more…I’ll be headin out the door
This nightmare has been . hangin on too long…is commin to an end

Got me a fix…didn’t take long…gonna get that bug tossed outa my town F#m Bm E F#m
Got these little satlites runnin thru my veins…gonna kick ass like a big freight train

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lovin it! volume up and love the arrangement. Love the harmonies at 1:45 . Vocals have a nice inebriated feel :innocent:

with a bit of vocal compression this song will shine

Hi Michelle. Hard for me to sing this with the spaced out rasp etc. Not my best.
I like that part of the song. I added some extra funky extra notes in the ole E minor chord.I was thinking a solo there, but had a little fun instead.
I hear lots of noise and it needs so much. It is also way too short. Next will be some sort of bridge.
I know you don’t play guitar, but nailing the Em chord and then slappin the low G note on the top string gave me that different riff. I tuned my bass on a DR 7o then looked down and saw Fuzz. Ha ha That might be a bit over the top.
If this flies, I will have a “friend” help on the mix. ha ha

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Hey Paul, I was wondering about the “uplifting” part when I heard those dark sounding Em tonalities, but I like the way the chorus moves to a major tonality to reflect the “uplifting” brief.

Overall, it sounds good - I was finding the lyrics a bit hard to follow (I wasn’t reading what you wrote, just listening). Might be a combination of the slurring delivery and the vocals fighting the guitars a bit.

I think it should work with a little bit of arrangement and mix magic! :beerbanger: (There was never a more appropriate emoji!) :beerbanger:

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Hi Andy Threw the Em and went to country. I don’t even like country?? The track is really rough so far. Will tweak after i get my furnace up and running. One take vocal with attitude (didn’t work) in the first verse and regular in the second


Ah! Much better! Works for me! :beerbanger:

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I was also wondering if one could use those claps in the chorus?? They sounded fun.

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Sounds like a job for @bozmillar Boz’s “El Clappo” :clap: :clap: :clap: :grin:

Fun song, sounds like Lou Reed and Keith Richards got together after being vaccinated. Keep it going. To me it sounds like it could use some sparse guitar accents from the second verse through the end to give a little lift.
I hope we all see the ending of the virus soon. Having that little bit of lingering doubt hanging over everything is not healthy in itself.
Maybe a little upbeat music will help drive it away.

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Paul, I LOVE YOUR STUFF! And this song is so you!

Great song, nice arrangement and nicely mixed. Chorus just works: catchy and memorable. You inspire me, friend!

Hey, who did the harmonica? Was that you?

I’ll check that out Andy. I saw it awhile back and was interested. The problem is that I am absolutely terrible about software. I have ten things I dragged into studio one that I see but can’t open. Things like valhalla reverb etc. ha ha

Hi Bob Ha ah I like the dudes you compared me to. I tried this morning with my PRS to add some accents and lead ins, but they just didn’t help the track. Way too much harp so far. I might try my ES 335 next that has a bit more bite. I played rhythm in our band and never did drop to my knees, arched my back, and went into a five minute lead.

Hi T guy. Hope you are well. The chorus is the best part of the track. The verses are a little boring.
I have four harmonicas sitting in front of me all the time in the studio. I know nothing about them. I can’t change keys when the chord changes. I just grab another one until I find one that sounds right. Cheating big time. Glad you liked the track and good to talk to you. Take care

Excellent work, Paul! The vaccine news was/is so exciting, we all need that hope, especially with Christmas upon us. Such a stark contrast to the record number of deaths per day we are seeing. If only more people would take your advice only after they have taken the vaccine…

And you did a great job on the harmonica.

Thank you for the reviews! Good to see you posting more music here. Now your song: this has a bit of a country flavor, yes? I don’t drink anymore, but my father spent his entire career (after college) as a chemist, Assistant Brewmaster, and Brewmaster at Lucky Beer, Miller Beer, and Anheiser-Busch. He made home brew for a long time after he retired. Anyway, I think everything sounds very good on this song: melodies, singing, guitar & bass playing, drums, harmonica, and audio quality. Rock on man! :slight_smile:


Well done Paul! Nice production. Fun song!

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Hey Paul! This is fabulous!! I’m getting a total JJ Cale vibe, right in that wheelhouse. You nailed this one! Maybe some kind of guitar accents as suggested, but it’s great as is.

Good work!

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Hey Mike There are just so many problems in this track and I am pressed for time to do the repairs. I have redone the drums that were really lame and added some licks. Haven’t upgraded that yet. My family gets together for Christmas and they want another family song. I call it fam jam. ha ha Anyway, I muted all the vox tracks, changed the lyrics, and will use this for my six grandkids. thanks for your remarks and stay safe

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I thought of you this morning Dave. My 15 year old granddaughter Grace texted me and was wondering why there wasn’t a female voice in our song “hate born from ignorance”. She said she wanted to sing there. I sent the song with vacant spots for her to practice. I am pretty excited about that. She is the one I set up with a studio. As a 12 year old, she picked up playing the guitar in a couple of weeks and made a couple of songs. She then lost interest until now. Anyhow when I go out to Minneapolis next week, I will record her vocal. I will pm it to you for a listen.
As far as this covid track, I have gotten to busy to go back and make it shine better. I will have a bunch of time when I hit Texas for the winter. Should be first of january. ps…I sung this one badly…ha ha
take care Dave

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