Collab with Adi - Photograph, Ed Sheeran Cover b y Clarissa

This is a collab project with Adi aka “the dead soul”.

Collab work with Adiatma Siregar.
Adi from KVR added all instrumentation, and mixed with original acoustic guitar and vocals from Rene and Clarissa.
Thank you for this superb collab Adi!!!


Feedback is much appreciated. Thank you


Wow @ReneAsologuitar you got a band, a great sounding band! Looks very professional too. Clarissa sounds great . Thanks for letting us see the mix too.

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Hi @ingolee ,
Thank you so much for the wonderful greetings and comments!!!
Adi did all the work, I am impressed with the addition of all the instrumentation, even with the non-standard tempo that we sang the song with.
Great kudos to Adi!!!
Love your great feedback, my friend.
With love and respect,

Really nice, Rene! Top job from all collaborators!

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A whole new dimension now. A wish and a more than subtle hints I dreaded suggesting, but the result is awesome. Harmony from you? Great song choice and performance.

ethereal sounding! great work!

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Thank you so much!!!
Your love and support is so appreciated!!!
Stay well!!!

Thank you for the reviews! Now your song/video/collaboration: I was waiting for drums to kick in, and they finally did! And then a lot more instrumentation came in too! This turned out great! Did Rene and Clarissa originally play to a click track? If not, I know from experience that this would make things a lot more challenging for Adiatma unless he is a real drummer, to keep things properly synced. Really good collaboration!!

Collaborators are truly appreciated, Adi is a real talent!!!
Love your support, and your wonderful comments!
Thank you!!!