Collab Feak'nRene

Feaker initiated a collab project, and here’s the beginning of a birth!!!
Thanks for the invite feaker!

FROM feaker:

Hi again. I have a decent start of the song. I’m not too excited about it at this stage.
It starts in A…the sing notes are f# (5)g# a (people everywhere need truth) That is what I sang out loud and no idea where to go with it. Once again trying to be different
ha ha The biggest problem currently is the chorus is dragging a bit.
I’m torn between getting it much better or sending now to get some feedback?
Let me know if you want to hear it rough or more polished. Also to send a pm or place in on the forum. the best to you
I stepped away from the puter and realized i had highjacked your thread. The truth being my mind is just not right, so sorry

FROM Rene:
Hi feaker,
PM would probably be best so we do not have a super long thread.
Or, I might want to try it by using a new thread “Collab Feak’nRene”.
Watch for it.
I may add that “truth”, is truly a sad word, as it is being abused from all fronts.
Good topic though.
Pass me the lyrics and the rough.

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Hi there I roughed it in. I won’t go thru the downfalls now. There are many. The lyrics do not make any sense. Par for me
update…complete overhaul by Rene

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People Everywhere

People everywhere need truth

People everywhere need trusted friends

People everywhere get hurt…ya givem yur heart and you get burned
G. D. A
Like you…like me…like everyone
like you… like me… it goes on and on

Another big ole smile …They all seem so sincere,… But my
Heart’s tellin me walk away from here
Another big ole smile… suspicion turns to fear…
Some people aren’t…as they appear

People everywhere need love

People everywhere need family

People everywhere get sad…all they want is to be loved
Like you…like me…like everyone
like you …like me… it goes on and on

Hi feaker,
The lyrics makes sense, and are well written.
The only change I made is “happiness” to “to be loved”
I really like it the way you sang it.
I will not make any changes to it!

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Now having said that.
Pls let me know what things you do not like in this current song construct.

Hi feaker,
I will record my version of the song, which is a bit faster, and a little variation to the delivery, but the main melody and chords are the same.
Stand by for the production.

I do love the song!!!
And you have a very nice voice that really fits the song as well!!!

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hi again
Sooooo I was gonna send you a track with no vocals. My only question is do you want a cheap drum track with it.
I was going to speed up the track, but the verse lyrics are pretty fast to sing already.
The beats per minute are 80 right now.

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Hi feaker,
No need, I record using my usual set-up.
Thanks for the offer.

Hi feaker,
Just finished recording A Little Ole Smile.
The link is attached.

Hope you like and enjoy.
I love this little project, and you did a wonderful job on lyrics and melody.
I love your song.
Thank you so much!!!


Hi feaker,
I listened to your version again, and I already told you that your version is good to my ear, and your style of singing fits your song very well.
By the way, I would like to get your ok for me to post this song on other forums.
I would like to mention you as the composer, and would like to get your name, as you are comfortable to share.
Thank you for this wonderful project!!!

I also changed a little bit of the lyrics to match “love” and “sad”.

So cool to have someone take your song and run with it. You done well my friend. ha ha I just finished most of it this morning myself with a 3 bar chorus. Not anywhere near as much fun as your rendition. Is that reggae??
Now the only problem for me to engage is that you went live with both your vox and guitar. Hard to add much like harmonies etc. That said, I think this stands solid on it’s own.
I do like the slight change in lyrics as well. The chorus, to me (with those lyrics) dragged, but you put some real vox fills to keep it lively. bravo
My first thoughts when doing a colab with you was to use your vocal and a little different delivery. I have truly changed my mind. This is your style. I only gave you the idea. This tracks means nothing to me except a great memory. i have written a couple since this.
I do not want any credit for this. The song is yours. I will post my rendition in a few days just for fun.
It takes a lot to surprise me this days and you have given me that big smile the song talks about.

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HI feaker,
I really like your song composition, and the lyrics is so uplifting. Something our world need at this very moment in time.
I did not get your intent on this collab, and I apologize.
This vox and guitar recording is what I do at this time, but I am open to follow your lead in recording process, if you can define it for me.
Again, I really enjoyed this project, and am very thankful for your openness and generosity.

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@feaker and @ReneAsologuitar it is SO awesome to see the results of colabs like this. Keep 'em coming!!
This is what its all about :beerbanger: