Collab Acoustic...We've cooled down

Update. I took out the shaker track, so no EZdrummer in here at all. Just some Studio One percussion.
I changed to bpm from 94 to 98 cuz it dragged a bit. Going to try my first mastering now:)

you once were my lover…you were my best friend Am Fmaj7 G Am
we talked of forever…a love that could never end

I don’t know what I’m gonnna do… Not sure if this give it a rest thing is right
seems like the fire is goin out…
but I don’t know if I should accept it…or maybe fight

we’ve cooled down…so come around… and talk to me… G C chorus one
and tell me if you still have feelings
and tell me that we’ve made a mistake you wanna try again D G

you came into my life…like a hurricane I tried to hang on
not like any other…I still can’t believe that you’re gone

lying here thinking of you right now and what we went thru…I go over and over it and don’t know why love ran away from us… It still really hurts

They sound clean to me, but the question is kind of vague. Clean enough for what? :slight_smile: Compared to what I do, they’re clean!

I’m sure someone has. Heck - William Shatner basically talks through whole songs. I thought your break there was cool.

It didn’t seem like much of a change to me, and as far as being able to ease it back down again, you won’t know until you try. My guess is, you’ll figure something out.

Now, I don’t mean my answers to sound flippant, though I can see that they could possibly be taken that way, but when it comes to art, I generally operate on the principle that nearly anything goes and the possibilities are endless. I think you’re on the right track to something cool. Finish it, then worry about if it works or not.

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Sounds okay to me. Different recording styles yield different effects and implied feelings. Sonically, I would assume the further mic distance would just give you more air and ambience (room tone), and of course the proximity effect and transient volume will be reduced some.

Ha, you’re a rapper! Feakinem (a la Eminem :slightly_smiling_face:)! I thought it was really cool.

Uh oh, back to the no ending thing! And I was pretty well sold on this even though Neil was nowhere around! Seriously though it sounds fine, a little less definition maybe but that’s OK and it’s a good song too.


“I want some boom boom pow
Gotta get some boom boom now!”

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Hi Mark
It is hard for me to record acoustic in general. So many things that can go wrong. Also, it can be a beast to mix. Along with a different mic distance, I turned all of the bass compression down on my LA 610 so I would not have to go back and try and EQ it. It seemed to be an easier way?
Just a thought My first verse “we talked of forever” part of you logo:)
I build the song as I go, so for some reason I started talking as the background played. I found it hard to speak and keep the timing close. I failed and will do that over with something that makes sense.
I also EQ’d all of the lows out of it that might be a bit too much?
I would never consider any comment flippant. We are here to try and help each other. It is a big deal for me. Thanks much

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Hey Stan
I actually thought about the rapper thangy. ha ha I so don’t like that music. Thanks for listening.

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Hi Ingo bud. Ha ha, yes I only have a couple hours into this and certainly no ending. I wanted some forum friends to say if any segment wasn’t workin. It’s funny you say boom boom pow, because I interrupted this session to start on something nasty that came to me. I have a base track so far and you will like it I feel. thanks for your two pennies

Hi, it may be a matter of personal taste but I would have made this entirely acoustic by not using drums (or maybe just on the choruses), and just a shaker or some percussions. And I would have added a piano.

About your questions: yes the acoustic guitars sound good. The talking is a good idea although I feel it would have been better without the sung part in the background, and with a more intimate, warmer vocal sound. And at 0:53 there isn’t a tempo change, just the drums picking up in half time, which is a common trick to make the choruses interesting and works very well in your song.

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I just worried that it might sound that way because it almost sounded that way in my head as I was writing it.

I wouldn’t worry too much about your EQ moves until you’re done writing the song. I think it probably gets in the way of creativity. I’m also not sure I’d be concerned about the timing too much when talking - if it’s in time, then it’s rap. :slight_smile:

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Hi Lopho I grabbed those drums in EZ and at the time I was thinking. like you, maybe not use them at all. They help me as I record even better than just a click track. I am going to look now for an alternative.
The talking part seemed so dry that I put those background parts in. Yes they could go. Not sure about what to say there and how to say it yet. The EQ is not right either yet.
Not sure if that chorus works at all. I was trying to change it up a bit and then go back.
Also considering a female voice telling her side of the story? Maybe back and forth in the chorus too.
There are times that I wished I had a set plan before I even start the song. It would make things much easier. I just can’t do it that way. Henceforth asking for help and direction.
I also have now way to put a piano part in there. It’s just guitars, me and EZdrummer:)

ps I removed the drums and put in a shaker at the beginning and then claps at the chorus. I also removed the background vocals at the talk part. Have to figure out now how to increase volume of the shaker only. When I bring EZ up to the best level with the shaker, the claps are way too loud.

You are right about EQ and fine points etc until I get this thing done. I have a long way to go, but because of the help here I have more direction now :slight_smile:

Some might call this a bump. I call it proof that I did in fact finish a demo that I posted a couple of weeks ago. I might have a gal helper to sing the second half on this at some point. Now back to rock:)

Feakinem (I like that! Be careful, it might stick!),

I just plain really enjoy your stuff. I think your guitars sound perfect. I’ve said it before, that one of the coolest things you do in your music is these catchy little British-60’s-sounding bridges; it’s just so unique, and tasteful. Just so “you.” It’s your signature, man.

I really do like the sound of the acoustics and their placement in the stereo field. That little synth-sounding effect at about 0:50 is a nice touch. Was that a synth? Or some kind of effect on the guitars.

I can hear some kind of lead guitar solo at about 1:25; not essential, but would be nice. You said you used EZDrummer, so I’m guessing it’s synced to a MIDI metronome? If so, I’d love a little more drums. Something simple, but a little louder. Like a cajon, or a mini trap kit. Just some creative thoughts.

Only thing I can say about the mix is to go with less reverb on the vocals. I like vocals a little cleaner. Just a thought.

Yup, another winner by Feaker. Nice job.

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Hi Tesgin About that little bit of guitar at 50 sec. I hated not leaving it all acoustic, but thought it needed something different there. I used a setting called swell on my line 6 amp with a delay on my boss pedal with my Prs. I did sound pretty good. I was tempted to break up the song around 1:25 like you suggested, but my goal is to be close to three minutes long. I still might go and do that and/or a bridge and run a little over. I took off the reverb completely and used an analog delay on my lead vocal and I can’t here much of a echo there. I think the bass might be a little hot yet? I put some drums in as you suggested that were right in studio one over the EZ shaker and claps. I am not good at selecting and using any kind of midi. ha ha Thanks for the tips and kind words. I already started a rock song today, but cant get all of the extensions for guitar mods to work. lots of youtube. best to you

Hey Paul, nice one. I love the instrumentation and the different “movements” throughout the song. It really takes you on a journey. Your playing is tasteful and elegant. Really really nice!

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Good sound, well arranged, good playing. Nothing left to pick on. :sob:

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Thanks Mike and Ingo. Going to mess with a few more things and move on:)

This may be my favorite song by you, @feaker.

First, the production and performance is perfectly polished.

Second, your singing and spoken word was angstfully expressed, and that pushed it to the top. The story, another love song, yes, but you bring enough melancholiness in the melody to be very likable.

And lastly that brings me to the melody and arrangement. This is where you naturally excel the most, I think. You surely contain a lot more musical epiphanies, my friend!

Thanks for your kind words Steve. I did finish this off with a very nice gal we all know and posted under collaborate. She gave it a very big spark. Take care bud

Thank you for the review! Now your song: the acoustic guitars sound really good/nice melodies, my favorite part of the song recording. Vocals are good, good melodies, harmonies & lyrics. Very good audio quality all around. Nice song!

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