Hi, I’m here to mix. Let’s do this thing. Also, does this thread title remind anyone besides me of Faith No More. “Introduce Yourself, Right ON!”


Hell yeah! @Clownpenis.fart I suspect your music is as intriguing as your username . Welcome to the community!


Welcome-- and that has to be the most unusual user name I have yet seen. I think I will adopt the nickname CPF if it’s OK with you… :dizzy_face:

@Chordwainer It’s an SNL skit.

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Ah-- thanks for the heads up. I am terminally unhip, and would never have recognized that!

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Welcome @Clownpenis.fart

@MisterLevy @doubletrackinjive
Thanks dudes!

@chordwainer @cptfiasco
Thanks dudes!

lol…and people were complaining about my handle on RR?

Welcome CPF

They were?! Never saw that…! It was pretty normal IMO!

people thought jkuehlin was awkward to type. Someone told me it means pasta in phillipino, and masturbation in indonesian. (or maybe it was the other way around). lol

Good grief.

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Ha! based on user name alone, I suspect you and Cpt Fiasco will get on famously.


Welcome CPF!

Either way, I suspect that pasta will end up with a cream sauce. :no_mouth:

Thank you all! I hope to get along with everyone, I’ll be posting my first track soon.

Looking forward to see what comes out of clownpenis.