Clippy Wippy Questions for Boz

Hey @bozmillar

In order to come up with THE name for your new plugin, I feel it might be good to gain a better understanding of what your plugin does. So, if you don’t mind, I was wondering if you could answer a couple of questions about Clippy? (Probably stupid ones at that.)

Behold the new plugin!

Your description states:
Clippy Wippy is sort of a hybrid clipper/limiter. It lets you dial in the clipping and limiting flavors in just the right way to match your content.

First off - cool idea! Now to the questions…

  1. Is Push the limiter/compressor and Pull the clipper?

  2. The Attack slider under “Push”? Is this the attack speed for the limiter part of the plugin? Does it affect the “Push” immediately above it?

  3. The Shape slider? Is this for Hard vs Soft clipping? And does this affect the “Pull” immediately above it?

  4. What does the “Bias” slider do?

  5. Where is the “Blend Control”? I’m guessing blending is the combination of the Push/Pull but I just want to clarify this. (I can’t help but wonder if you’re using your mysterious “Loud Relief” algorithm on the limiter/compressor section of this plugin. :thinking: )

  6. Gorgeous and clean interface - love it! (Not a question.)

Congrats on another creative plugin - well done!


Where is this at? Went to his site and could not find anything aboot this.

In the “News” section, 2nd entry:

He also sent out an email yesterday.

Crap! You have to login to reply…boo!

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U-Clipitus ha!

Logging in to your Boz account has been required for every other thing he’s ever run on there… just sayin’.

I meant to put together a video showing it in action, but I just moved into my house this week, so it didn’t happen.

It’s actually “input gain” and “ceiling.” Push and Pull just fit better because they were both 4 letters.

Those sliders will actually all be changing. I made some changes since I did the last graphics render, so the names will be changed, and a few features added. Bias is going away. It never did anything exciting for me. It will be replaced with “attack” and “release” for the limiter’s attack and release settings.

The “attack” slider under the push knob will be changed to “blend” or something along those lines. There will be 4 different blend modes (crossover 1, crossover 2, blend, and series).

Yes, hard/soft clipping. It doesn’t effect the pull knob.

Thanks. experimenting on the graphics is kind of half the fun. I’m starting to get bored with the graphics that look like real hardware, but the 3d stuff is fun, so I’m trying to come up with a half way point

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Clippy Wippy.

Winning name picked yet? @bozmillar

BTW, “Nexus”… Not bad. :slight_smile:

Yes it has. Although I haven’t revealed it yet. Don’t get too excited.

Aw crap…

Is THIS “Clippy Wippy”?? Or the little brother? Inquiring minds want to know! Great UI.


PS. Your updated website is nice and clean and slick too. Nice job on that as well.

It’s the little brother. I’m just finishing up the final touches on the full version before releasing it.

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Dammit! How can I win you over? Well at least I gave you some inspiration of what NOT to name the damn thing…ha!

Went to the site, did not notice a “news” feed?

Little Clipper <> Clippy Wippy …

You still have hope @cptfiasco! IF you actually bothered to log in and enter your names, that is. :grin:

Why is everyone putting up defenses? When I greet new (potential) friends, I do not make them write their name and some random 8 character “catch phrase”. The internet has taken over us socially.

Damn it I need to try some of his plugins out.

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