Cleaning the knobs on an LA-610

I have an older Universal Audio LA-610 preamp and the knobs have some static when I turn them. Mainly the Level and gain knob. I have a non plastic melting spray for that but I am still worried I will ruin something by spraying it in there. Does anyone have a suggestion to clean them up?


I use Deoxit Products . They make solvents for cleaning moving contacts like potentiometers and slide volume controls. It’s not cheap, but some regular “safe for plastic” cleaners can harm carbon controls.

I use the Deoxit D5 to clean and they also sell a Deoxit Fader for lubrication.

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Absolutely agree. Only use an appropriate product. Back in the day my dad would make me dismantle potentiometers and clean them by hand - and even then it would be with specialised cleaners.


Thanks so much, I just bought a kit of both on Amazon. I am grateful for your post as the stuff I had was pretty cheap.

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I watched this just now, man he covers the world, even down to the stain you will get on your shirt form the cleaners. The irony with this video is that his recording has a tinny buzz sound, I think his set up for doing videos needs some spray itself. :see_no_evil: