Clair De Lune

My personal version of this classic. Made this a while back, and I have been meaning to put this here for casual listening. This was created by using Boz’s Piano VST. It has a beautiful classical sound. With added flute and strings ofcourse :slight_smile:


Beautiful version of one of my favorites, bravo! And the piano man too.

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Sounds great, Michelle!

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Sounds great! I’m curious why @bozmillar opted to pull that plugin? I think it sounds really good in that track!

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Nice. Thanks for bringing me out of hiding.

I like the orchestra arrangement. It’s nice and sparse and works well with the song.

I haven’t quite abandoned the piano yet. I had to put it to the side to work on other things, but it’s actually the next in my list. But I am going to abandon the kontakt version and just make a plugin for it. Kontakt was good for prototyping, but some things made it really hard to get right, and would me much easier with direct access to code instead of using kontakt’s prebuild effects and scripts.

There’s also something about the samples that makes it sound “plucky” like the attack isn’t quite right. I have some ideas about how to fix that, but I have to resample the piano.

@FluteCafe what version of the kontakt instrument do you have? The latest version I have is 14.6.


What a pleasant rendition, Michelle! You play the flute and strings so well I would think they were midi if I wasn’t told! And the piano is so beautiful I would swear it was played by a virtuoso! Altogether it is perfect it could easily be all AI!

Hi Boz! great to have you back. I am definitely looking forward to this. I think the plucky nature gives your piano a bit of character. It’s possible your mic was close to the hammer but it may not be a bad thing. I have heard that sound before in many Pianos. But if you feel the need to resample, I wont stand in the way.

not sure, I will have to check. I am currently away. Will let you know.

Thanks! the flute is played ofcourse :slight_smile: , the cello is played by a friend and the Piano is played on a midi keyboard (by me) but the sound of it is from Boz’s piano that he sampled. The photo on the video is Boz’s piano (I think), as I stole it from his facebook page. It was too cute with the toy harp and such.