Chordwainer - Fever, the murder ballad

Chordwainer - Fever, the murder ballad


Here is my entry into the Cover the 50s contest. My approach was to treat the song as a murder ballad, the age-old musical/song form. I want to give a huge thank you to all the folks who made such great arrangement suggestions in the Bash thread on my preliminary versions as I got to this point. I appreciate it so much!!

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This is spectacular!!! I can’t really comment on the mix yet, but you knocked this one out of the park in my opinion. :beerbanger:


Not saying anything new here Dave. I love this version. Its definitely original. I love the instrumentation and the way the instruments are recorded. Can’t really explain, but very much an acoustic sound.
I find it very hard to judge when a song is “radio ready”. I do realise that a well recorded mixed and mastered song has a greater chance of grabbing my attention than an amateur recording, but a good song shines through no matter what. As does this song!


Cool intro Dave. Like this a lot. Very boldlike. Sung well bud. I like that chord on the word tight. It sounds great me.


Great job Dave!
Great recording, mixing and arrangement.
Nit picking:
The banjo solo sounds to me a bit off tempo at a couple of notes.
Even though your voice suits the song perfectly I was expecting something to make it take flight at the end. Singing higher notes or something. An outburst (if I use the correct word) :slight_smile:.
Other than that top quality!


Thanks for the support everyone! Much appreciated. George, there’s no banjo, that’s mandolin. And yeah, there could be some “swing” in there, I wouldn’t want this tune to have everything smack on the grid. And I do have to live within the limits of my singing ability, and those limits are pretty severe!! :grin:


This is a damn good version! I REALLY like this one.

When you first posted your version of Fever back in May (I think it was May?), I liked it immediately. I love the way the stringed instruments sound together and your voice has a nice timbre. The addition of the drums and dynamics near the end of the song have created even more interesting flavour to this. I really think this is going to be hard to beat.

I haven’t voted yet because I need to listen to more of the entries to get a gauge on the competition but right now this one is at the top as far as I’m concerned.


Well, thank you very much Wicked, you are way too kind. Very glad you like my approach. As for the contest, there are some seriously talented people on here, I’ll be very happy just to be in the running! :blush:


Oh yeah… this was really good when you started it and now it’s even better. Really great take on this song. Top notch!


I first listened to this after I had recorded my solo version and after I submitted it. Then I started listening to all the entries, and I was daunted to say the least but it was too late. Plus I’m used to not winning, and I believe not everybody can be a winner but everybody can be amazing. And I was amazed with the creations of each person, and finally I heard yours, @Chordwainer, like a House of the Rising Sun Fever but very traditional, and I was impressed. Moreso, it seemed to have a relistenability quality for me personally, perhaps due to my set of tastes.

I want to listen to all of them again as some time has elapsed, and now I may feel them better. So far, they are as good as I remembered!


Many thanks Steve! HotRS is a great analogy to where I was coming from on this, and I didn’t even realize it until just reading your comment! :laughing: It was fun to do.


Nothing at all to add here. As I said on your bash, you made me actually like this song. You arrangemetn changes served the song well. Very very very well done!


Yes, I agree with miked. I REALLY like the feel of this version of Fever. WAY better than the original !!!


Excellent sounding on the iPad Pro.