Checking in and testing

Testing :sunglasses:

test a link…

ADK Vienna Mic

Looks like either method works.

Is there a setting in admin that makes a link open in a new tab? I hate it when it takes me away from the thread I’m reading. Personal preference, of course.

I’ll check. I actually meant to look at that. Standby!

I changed the setting, but I may have to restart the server to get the setting to work.

Restart at your convenience. :thumbsup:

I wen tot preferences and the open in new tab was already checked by default. SO I saved ti but links still open in new windows. THis is not a biggy for me. I am used to right clicking to open links.

Anyway, (trying the editor now) I like this format very much. Easy - Friendly.

Yeah! Editor works. On RR I would have to click out of the thread and then return to make the editor work.

Yeah, I still have to right-click but I can live with it. lol

Yeah, I’m really loving this editor. Super user friendly. :thumbsup:

also, you can flip people off on here. :middle_finger:

what’s not to love? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@MilknBeans thanks for the tips, I will email you that info when I get up .

Is there a way to make the new posts go on top instead of at the bottom of the thread? There was a setting in RR but I can’t find anything like that here.

None that I have found