Check these sounds. Drum/GTR mix with my new toys. Last jam of 2017

Recently I bit the bullet and got (yet another) new laptop. My “old” one, which wasnt even 2 years old yet, wouldnt run guitar amp SIMs etc. It was a pentium and I kept reading that I needed at least an I5. so I got a Lenovo I7 gaming laptop with 16Gb ram, SSB drive blah blah

So for the last week ive been trying to get some SIMS to work. I had bought Mercuriall Spark about a year ago but couldnt use it because of the old laptop. So I tried it on this new one and it “works” but the noise i simply unbearable. I dont understand at all how it gets decent reviews. The noise gate on it seems to do basically nothing and even Reapers trusty “reaFIR” couldnt tame the noise without making it sound like it was underwater

Sooo, I also bought the Slate Everything Bundle a while back and just now got to DLing it. It happened to come with an amp SIM called S-Gear. S-Gear works great! lol

So then today I bought some ownhammer cabinet IRs and they are about as complicated as it gets IMO.

So, all that being said, here is a quick little aerosmithy/stonesy jam using the Slate stuff on the drum buss and here and there but regular reaper stuff on the master buss

S-Gear amp SIMS with 2 tracks split left/right

Its only drums/gtr. I messed around for hours and lost all objectivity

Let me know if any of these sounds are decent. Sounds like the gtrs might be leaning right a bit. No matter what I do i cant get my monitors evened out lol.

Peace, JJ


Good stuff man! :beerbanger:

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thanks, lol

my poor apt neighbors. Someone rang my doorbell…of course they dont realize I am naked in bed so by the time I get out from under the blanket, under the guitar cords, put on clothes, walk from the back bedroom to the door…they are gone lol. So i am assuming it was one of my neighbors coming to say “can u at least switch to a different song every hour or so??”

It is sounding good to me.

From what I heard, it seems the sound is nearly there but sounds a bit fake to me.
The really thing that’s missing is some air, room, space. The given sound is way to close to the speaker… it needs the sense of moving the mic back…

If you get what I mean :wink:

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