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…Nice video…love the high-impact no chit-chat style of presentation on the demo video.

If I could make a consumer request…I need a TON of vocal samples that are one-off accents. Shouts, yells, open vowel riffs, turns, and gangs. Stuff like “Hey” “Yeah” “Woah” and “Ah”…if you’re aiming to make a sample pack like this, I’d buy it!

Sweet, thank you very much for the shout out and also the feedback. That’s super helpful. We are currently considering an all vowel sample pack, where we cover all vowels in all different keys, but the shouts are definitely something we can consider including. I will let you know if we come up with anything close to that :))

Thanks again! :pray:

Good stuff! Thanks for joining us @beatsdotpro! We’d love to see you dive into this forum and show us what you’re up to.